ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

I'm combining a couple of recipes this week - something I don't typically do - but, well, it happens! And what different recipes they are. I was planning on making the waffles last week, but my week got away from me. Something that happens all too frequently these days. I did really want to try … Continue reading ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

CCC – March Madness

Andrea, our beloved Kitchen Lioness, has offered those of us who often find ourselves without enough time to do everything we want (that would include me!) an opportunity to play catch-up in March. A month offering a chance to make up one or more of the recipes we've missed during out 10-month foray cooking through … Continue reading CCC – March Madness

ffwd – next day beef salad

This week's French Friday with Dorie recipe is a salad to be made with leftover beef - I think to be exact, the leftover beef from "a Saturday night's boeuf a la ficelle". That was one recipe from Around my French Table that I never did get around to trying. But the recipe itself is … Continue reading ffwd – next day beef salad

CCC – Cottage Cooking Club – August Recipes

This month's recipes at the Cottage Cooking Club were perfect for summer. Plenty of tomatoes, and other summer produce. I stopped by my favorite farm stand, knowing that I had some interesting, great sounding recipes to make.We have great corn here, which wasn't really on this particular menu, but also a couple of kinds of … Continue reading CCC – Cottage Cooking Club – August Recipes

ffwd – couscous salad

This week's French Friday challenge is another grain-based salad. I only have one rice salad that I make consistently, so these are always a bit different for me. This one is generously flavored with spices in the stock for the couscous. Cumin, tumeric, ginger and cinnamon are the warm spices used here, along with the … Continue reading ffwd – couscous salad

CCC – It’s June! tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and herbs

I thought that with my busy June schedule, I'd pick recipes that were related somehow. With a common thread connecting them. I do that all the time with dinner parties and celebratory feasts - if there's something that provides a degree or two of separation to other items on the menu, then you can be … Continue reading CCC – It’s June! tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and herbs

#FRD2014 – part trois – chinese chicken salad

I have been making this salad for, well, decades (!), A number of years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend several Julys on Coronado Island. One of the very fun things to do was to listen to the San Diego Pops and watch fireworks. At the venue, you could bring a picnic dinner and … Continue reading #FRD2014 – part trois – chinese chicken salad

ffwd – leeks vinaigrette with mimosa

This dish was simply fabulous! In early spring, when asparagus first starts arriving at the market, I make something similar. I can make a meal of that (well, maybe with a crust of bread).This recipe is a similar one - perfectly cooked leeks with a vinaigrette of sherry vinegar and walnut oil (along with a … Continue reading ffwd – leeks vinaigrette with mimosa

ffwd – helene’s all-white salad

This week's recipe is for an all-white salad, made with celery, apple, fresh mushrooms and napa cabbage. The dressing is a kind of mayonnaise made with Greek yogurt. Mostly it reminded me of a story in Emeril Lagasse's cookbook Everyday's a Party.** In it, for Ash Wednesday, he tells the story from a novel set in … Continue reading ffwd – helene’s all-white salad

Thanksgiving 2012

Each year I come up with a menu for Thanksgiving, and include a lot of the recipes, so that  we can share, anticipate and get excited about our upcoming holiday together. (there are 2 files of recipes linked). And it's a way to share with our people who can't make it to be with us. This year, … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2012