CtBF – Tomato & Peach Panzanella

I've always thought of Panzanella as a traditional Italian salad, relying heavily on tomatoes, good bread, and herbs. It's not something I make often (I should), but have made before. I'm guessing that it's because eating less bread tends to outweigh avoiding food waste - I probably need to check my priorities and timing. For … Continue reading CtBF – Tomato & Peach Panzanella

CtBF lamb shank tagine

This is another braise, so popular in the French cookbooks we have used. Taking a tough cut of meat, adding wonderful flavors, and cooking it a long time - which is great because there is so little active time, and it mostly takes care of itself. This time, lamb shanks. With a spice rub that … Continue reading CtBF lamb shank tagine

Chocolate and dried cherry fougasse

When we made a more traditional savory fougasse a few years ago, really enjoyed it. This version has been at the back of my mind since I opened the cookbook. I enjoy baking bread, so I thought it would be a fun challenge. Like David, I love dried cherries. Chocolate of course, is nice. I … Continue reading Chocolate and dried cherry fougasse

CtBF – Salted Butter Caramel Chocolate Mousse

Anyone who knows me, or follows my blog, knows that I sometimes don't always read things thoroughly before I start (back in the day, I would fly into a city to do a 1st site visit without having the address - this before smartphones and GPS - just pick up a map at the rental car … Continue reading CtBF – Salted Butter Caramel Chocolate Mousse

CCC – March Madness

Andrea, our beloved Kitchen Lioness, has offered those of us who often find ourselves without enough time to do everything we want (that would include me!) an opportunity to play catch-up in March. A month offering a chance to make up one or more of the recipes we've missed during out 10-month foray cooking through … Continue reading CCC – March Madness

ffwd – guacamole!

This version of guacamole is a crunchy, veggie-filled mixture. There are so many ways to make guacamole, that it's fun to try something different. I've always loved avocados (plainly sliced with a nice sprinkling of salt - yum), and guacamole, for me, is not an exception. I'm always surprised to find people who don't like … Continue reading ffwd – guacamole!

ffwd – baked apples filled with fruit and nuts

Baked apples are a real favorite. This particular recipe does take it to another level by adding chopped dried fruits and nuts, along with a bit of honey. In this preparation, the apples are cored partially, and then peeled halfway. The exposed flesh gets a wash of lemon juice. The fruit (here cranberry, cherry and … Continue reading ffwd – baked apples filled with fruit and nuts

ffwd – compote de pommes (two ways)

I've made this recipe a number of times. It really is applesauce, and growing up in the midwest, that was certainly something I made as a kid as well. It's simple and homey - but also a great alternative in the fall & winter to my normal berries over yogurt with home made granola for breakfast. Plus … Continue reading ffwd – compote de pommes (two ways)

ffwd – goat cheese and strawberry tartine

Now THIS is an amazing combination of four simple things! I was pretty sure that it was going to be fantastic, but then again, I've been wrong before. Not this time.  A fresh baguette, soft goat cheese, flavorful strawberries and a balsamic reduction. OK, so I threw in a little fresh black pepper. This is … Continue reading ffwd – goat cheese and strawberry tartine

ffwd – anne leblanc’s pistachio avocado

Avocado, a squeeze of meyer lemon juice, pistachio oil, freshly ground pepper, Hawaiian red salt. Based on comments I've read as people have made when trying to source the pistachio oil, this may make others "fall in love", as it did Dorie Greenspan ten years ago when she first made this dish. I went with … Continue reading ffwd – anne leblanc’s pistachio avocado