CCC -a ragout, a toastie, and a gratin

This month's Cottage Cooking Club selections included quite a few yummy-sounding dishes. I have to say, I'm a bit proud of myself, since I committed to two, but made three. And I'm so happy I did! Just as I am getting settled in to my house in Sedona, it's the time of year when work starts ramping … Continue reading CCC -a ragout, a toastie, and a gratin

ffwd – guacamole!

This version of guacamole is a crunchy, veggie-filled mixture. There are so many ways to make guacamole, that it's fun to try something different. I've always loved avocados (plainly sliced with a nice sprinkling of salt - yum), and guacamole, for me, is not an exception. I'm always surprised to find people who don't like … Continue reading ffwd – guacamole!

ffwd – avocado-crab ravioli

This is a combination of flavors that I think is fabulous. And while I thought that the method would likely get a little fussy, this preparation seemed like a fun idea. This is really a simple crab salad layered between thinly sliced avocado. The trick is how the chef that showed Dorie to make it … Continue reading ffwd – avocado-crab ravioli

ffwd – beef cheek daube

Here's what I liked about this week's pick: I have never had beef cheeks I had to look up what beef cheeks even look like so that I could find them (though had to ask despite being about 1' away from the packages - not impressive) Finding them at my favorite local Hispanic supermarket - … Continue reading ffwd – beef cheek daube

Chile Relleno Casserole and Calabacitas

We have been making some version or another of this casserole in my family for as long as I can remember. My Grandmother (whose recipe this is) called it chill-y re-lenno  casserole despite spending her entire life in southern California and being immersed in the cultural mix. Of course, it sounds a bit better pronounced … Continue reading Chile Relleno Casserole and Calabacitas

Sonoran Hot Dogs

Sonoran Hot Dogs have become very popular in Arizona over the past year or so, with hot dog stands popping up seemingly on every corner, as well as fancy renditions that you can find at restaurants. I've been wanting to have one for a long time. The other night, my niece J surprised us with … Continue reading Sonoran Hot Dogs

Green Chile Sauce (2)

This is a lovely Green Chile Sauce  that's a just a bit more work, but when you are faced with beautiful chiles and vegetables, it's a great choice. I already had some fresh roasted chiles, but thought it would be fun to make a bit different sauce. This one is based on sauce from a … Continue reading Green Chile Sauce (2)

Green Chile Sauce

I make a number of green chile sauces. Which I choose often depends on what I have on hand, how fancy I want to be, or to be honest, how lazy or ambitious I'm feeling! One of the really terrific things about living in the southwest is that you can often find freshly-roasted green chiles … Continue reading Green Chile Sauce