ffwd – avocado-crab ravioli

This is a combination of flavors that I think is fabulous. And while I thought that the method would likely get a little fussy, this preparation seemed like a fun idea. This is really a simple crab salad layered between thinly sliced avocado. The trick is how the chef that showed Dorie to make it using a mandoline to slice the avocados thinly, with the skin and pits in place. It sounded worth the try. I used king crab for mine, since I was making a smaller amount, along with some diced red onion, cilantro, chile oil and some lime.


I made the salad first, then tried my hand at using my fancy French slicer with the avocados.


My avocados were pefectly ripe, so not surprisingly, after the first couple of slices, the pit moved within the fruit, and the skin caught on the slicer. I also thought it was not as easy to remove the skin from the avocado. As you can see, it left a lot of the avocado as “shrapnel”. Which would be a crime if not taken care of.


After assembling the ravioli, I chunked up the remainder of the avocado and added it to the crab salad. This I placed on some tostaditos (small fried corn tortillas). Both were good, though I wish I had added some hot sauce to either salad (but particularly the tostada version), because that really accentuates the flavors of the smooth avocado and salty-sweet of the crab. In very non-French fashion, these were served with some Mexican beer with lime, and of course a little hot sauce.


The ravioli were fun, and I can see how it’s a popular dish. Personally, I don’t know that I’d make it again, but the flavor combination is terrific, so I’d be more likely to make my tostadas. They could be made smaller to serve as an appetizer too, which would be fun, but all in all, a fun experiment!


12 thoughts on “ffwd – avocado-crab ravioli

  1. Dear Candy, I love the colorful versions that you made – a lot of avocados were necessary for this dish, true, and I really enjoy how you used them as a topping together with the crab salad for the fried corn tortillas – I will steal that idea from you, my kids would love a spiced-up version (maybe with shrimp instead) on tortillas. I am not that familiar with the different kinds of tortillas but I will do my best while shopping for them (to this date I have only used the soft tortillas). And that colorful hand-woven carpet is such a wonderful prop with your spicier version of Dorie´s “Ravioli”. Wonderfully done!
    Have a good week!

    1. Andrea, you can fry flour tortillas too. Just a bit of a different texture, but very yummy. So whatever might be available. The only thing I would suggest is that generally, the thinner the tortilla the better. And shrimp would be great!

  2. I REALLY like your tostada idea. Same great flavors without the hassle of trying to slice the avocado, and I bet the corn tortillas added some much-needed crunch to the dish.

  3. I’m totally impressed that you even tried to slice the avocados! But, I really love your tostadas!

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