CtBF – Salmon burgers, and catching WAY up!

I've looked at this blog, and see posts from fellow bloggers, and it shows me just how far behind I've gotten. It's been a whirlwind of a few years, with little time for anything beyond the absolutely necessary. With what little time was available, making choices about exactly what to do left me leaving things … Continue reading CtBF – Salmon burgers, and catching WAY up!

ffwd – guacamole!

This version of guacamole is a crunchy, veggie-filled mixture. There are so many ways to make guacamole, that it's fun to try something different. I've always loved avocados (plainly sliced with a nice sprinkling of salt - yum), and guacamole, for me, is not an exception. I'm always surprised to find people who don't like … Continue reading ffwd – guacamole!

ffwd – avocado-crab ravioli

This is a combination of flavors that I think is fabulous. And while I thought that the method would likely get a little fussy, this preparation seemed like a fun idea. This is really a simple crab salad layered between thinly sliced avocado. The trick is how the chef that showed Dorie to make it … Continue reading ffwd – avocado-crab ravioli

ffwd – anne leblanc’s pistachio avocado

Avocado, a squeeze of meyer lemon juice, pistachio oil, freshly ground pepper, Hawaiian red salt. Based on comments I've read as people have made when trying to source the pistachio oil, this may make others "fall in love", as it did Dorie Greenspan ten years ago when she first made this dish. I went with … Continue reading ffwd – anne leblanc’s pistachio avocado