ffwd – guacamole!

This version of guacamole is a crunchy, veggie-filled mixture. There are so many ways to make guacamole, that it’s fun to try something different. I’ve always loved avocados (plainly sliced with a nice sprinkling of salt – yum), and guacamole, for me, is not an exception. I’m always surprised to find people who don’t like them, but I suppose that leaves more for me! (can you tell I’m from a large family?)

I used plenty of fresh diced jalapeno (and could have used more, mine was mild), diced cherry tomato, red onion and red bell pepper. I also included the chopped cilantro and added a little minced garlic.

100_3450Once that’s mixed, the soft avocado is added along with a bit of lime juice and a sprinkling of salt. I should have added some picante sauce here as well, since my jalapenos weren’t spicy.

100_3452Classically, this is served with fresh tortilla chips, though any kind are good. This version would be great topping a salad or on a sandwich as well.

100_3456This was pretty good. I did like the crunch, though it required quite a bit of hot sauce on the top. But refreshing and simple, and a different take from what I might normally throw together.

You can see how others prepared their guacamole by checking out their posts here.

15 thoughts on “ffwd – guacamole!

  1. I think your tolerance for spice is wayyyyy more than mine. As I think back over your Posts and your recipes, I’ve never noticed that before. I cut back on the jalapeño and eliminated entirely the hot sauce. Remember, I’m from Iowa. A wuss, evidently. At the Food & Wine Classic, there was a vendor giving out gorgeous chocolate. I took a square and I am telling you, it was hot. It was spicy. It was a surprise. The first time in my long life that I haven’t finished a square of chocolate.

  2. I have a theory about ppl who don’t like avocados. My suspicion is that they had one which wasn’t ripe or maybe they had store bought gaucamole. Because who could possibly not like a perfectly ripe avocado?

  3. Candy, I really like how colorful your guacamole looks – this is really not a common food around here but I am doing my best to get people used to it and they seem to love it, especially the kids!
    Sorry that I am presently commenting as A. Mohr but the blog does not seem to accept “TheKitchenLioness” for the time being – I posted my comments I do not know how many times now so you must think I am so late with commenting – now with FB, its seems to work.
    Have a lovely Monday!

  4. Ok, so I thought I was the only one that ran into mild or sweet jalapenos, but I’m glad to hear it isn’t just me! Sometimes we will put like four jalapenos into a spicy salsa for the hubs and I can eat it like candy! … hmmm… : ) your guac looks great though and I’m glad you enjoyed this one too! hard to turn down a guac!

  5. I know what you mean about a large family, though I only had two siblings. My brother and cousin, along with my sister’s boyfriend, could eat enough for an army. It was all the rest of us could do to fill a plate. Your guacamole looks great!

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