CCC – It’s June! tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and herbs

I thought that with my busy June schedule, I’d pick recipes that were related somehow. With a common thread connecting them. I do that all the time with dinner parties and celebratory feasts – if there’s something that provides a degree or two of separation to other items on the menu, then you can be sure everything will come together harmoniously.

Um, that seemed like a great idea, and also a way to take advantage of some of the ingredients included in the recipes. What I didn’t really take into account is that I don’t always eat the same things/ingredients. Thankfully, all of the recipes were terrific, but I may not need to eat a potato for a while…

First up, I made the pizza with potatoes, rosemary and blue cheese. I already had the dough for the pizza in the freezer, and was anxious to see how it turned out after freezing, as well as how it would work if I actually did take the advice of rolling it very thinly. I had rosemary from the garden, so this was easy. The main time-consuming thing was making the caramelized onions. I should probably do a big batch and freeze them, I just forget.


Luckily I had a reasonably not-so-hot day, so that I could heat my oven up to cook the pizza. There might not be too many more of these for a bit, but everything came together with the pizza sliding from the peel to the stone satisfyingly, and the whole thing getting tasty and bubbly in no time.

100_3403On the same day, I decided I should make the honey-roasted cherry tomatoes. I thought that they would be nice to accompany the pizza. I’ve made similar recipes before, but the honey-garlic sweet-savory topping sounded great. After assembly, they get a quick roast.


I served both together, and it was a great combination. The tomatoes contrasted with and complimented the flavors of the pizza.

100_3410Another recipe for this month was the frittata with summer veg and goat cheese. The recipe suggests a few vegetables, and certainly the method. This is another that relies on potatoes, eggs and herbs. Fortunately, I brought back a bunch from my place in Sedona, so was able to enjoy those fresh flavors. What I did not have were a lot of green vegetables, I decided to just rely on some peas, and a few more of my leftover roasted tomatoes. I subbed out some red onions for scallions, and added some fresh yellow peppers to add a bit more color. I used fresh thyme and oregano, along with a few chives.

100_3431The vegetables get sautéed in a bit of olive oil, based on the amount of cooking required, then arranged in the pan with the herbs. The beaten eggs go on top, and cook until about 2/3 set, topped with the cheese, and popped into the oven for a few minutes to set.


Once out of the oven, the frittata sits for a few minutes, and indeed can be cooled to room temperature for serving. In this case, I was hungry… so the first piece was served hot!


My final recipe for June was the new potato, tomato and boiled egg salad. This is an arrangement of those ingredients, generally room temperature, mixed with a mustardy vinaigrette. The trick here is to not-quite hard boil the eggs (7-minute eggs!), and smash them a bit with the dressing.

100_3441100_3443100_3444100_3448This is something that I would definitely make again, though I might tweak the dressing a bit. I don’t even know what “English mustard” is, but used traditional American yellow. ?? But I thought it might be improved with a pickle-ish element, either my home-made ones, or some capers. But really, and excellent concept. It was delicious, fast and filling, so it was a perfect lunch. I could see this for dinner too.

Altogether, these were delicious recipes this month. I really liked every one of them, though I could see a tweak here or there – but even as presented, they suited me. I learned a few new things along the way, and was reminded of a few more. A delicious experiment!

I can hardly wait to see what recipes July brings! If you’d like to see what other participants in the Cottage Cooking Club made, you can check them out online.





11 thoughts on “CCC – It’s June! tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and herbs

  1. Everything looks delicious! Your pizza turned out so good – wish I could reach out & grab a slice right now.
    I made that potato salad, too. Love the look of yours. So lovely on that plate!

  2. Love your choices this month! I made the pizza, actually 3 of them to use up the dough so it’s good to know that it does freeze well, and the frittata looks like the perfect vehicle for using up whatever you may have on hand.

  3. Wow! you really went to town, everything looks so fresh and wonderful. Looks like the dough froze really well for the pizza. The frittata looks like a complete meal with all the toppings, one that you could eat for any meal, anytime of the day.

  4. Candy, I am so glad that you enjoyed all the recipes that you made – they are all just wonderful to look at! I shall heed your advice and not choose any potato recipes for the month of July (if possible). The English mustard is Colman´s – for example – and it is available online. I did use Dijon instead and it worked perfectly well. Your pizza with the potatoes looks so nice alongside the honey-roasted tomatoes, great idea. The frittata is equally wonderful. It makes me happy to look at all your wonderful dishes!
    Thank you for participating again this month!

  5. I made the same recipes, other than the frittata, which looks good btw. The tomatoes were a favorite. I agree his recipes need just a slight tweak here and there. Having a good time with this book. 🙂

  6. Love June’s motto and the theme in all your recipes. I could not get to the tomato recipe but I am definitely saving it for the very near future 🙂 Everything looks delicious!

  7. I’m so glad to know the pizza dough really worked after having been frozen. I’m going to have to try that. I agree about the potato salad. A pickled element would have made a huge improvement.

  8. Oh, Candy, I am reading your Post for the first time and am absolutely impressed with the food you prepared. I didn’t get to the pizza with potatoes, rosemary and blue cheese (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blue cheese) but will definitely put that back on my summer schedule. I also liked the tomatoes and think they will be a recipe to have in my back pocket. Easy to do but quite impressive when served. And, the frittata. I am a frittata freak so enjoyed making that also. And, your fourth recipe looks tasty also. Well done, my friend. I have finished my July recipes and am ready to post on the 28th.

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