CtBF – Lightning Fast Pork (plus a bit of catching up)

This week's recipe is actually for a quick tahini pork. But Dorie offers an option of using peanut butter and chopped peanuts in place of the tahini and sesame seeds. I like that flavor combination, and it meant one less trip to the store that day - so I was all in. This is a really … Continue reading CtBF – Lightning Fast Pork (plus a bit of catching up)

CtBF – Tomato & Peach Panzanella

I've always thought of Panzanella as a traditional Italian salad, relying heavily on tomatoes, good bread, and herbs. It's not something I make often (I should), but have made before. I'm guessing that it's because eating less bread tends to outweigh avoiding food waste - I probably need to check my priorities and timing. For … Continue reading CtBF – Tomato & Peach Panzanella

CtBF -Raw vegetable slaw with creamy garlic dressing

Running a little behind - kind of the usual thing this time of year. I've probably explained before, but in any kind of retail construction, this is the busy season. We have to complete our construction so that the facilities can be in use on time, ensuring that all of our customers can fulfill all Christmas … Continue reading CtBF -Raw vegetable slaw with creamy garlic dressing

CtBF – Fattoush

This salad is described as "dressed with a pungent lemony garlic dressing and a jumble of ingredients". The main differences are a sprinkling of ground sumac and shards of toasted pita. It was suggested that we would love it above all things. As it so happened, I was in the Valley, and so could run … Continue reading CtBF – Fattoush

CCC – March Recipes (lentils, potatoes and another “spouffle”)

This month with the Cottage Cooking Club offered up some great recipes, none of the dishes I chose were completely new to me, but it still made for a great array of recipes. As I've mentioned many times on this blog, I have grown to love the French green lentils (Puy). They are pretty, retain their … Continue reading CCC – March Recipes (lentils, potatoes and another “spouffle”)

CtBF: Winter Salad

   This is my inaugural post for the new group Cook the Book Fridays.  Many of the participants were part of French Fridays with Dorie over the course of nearly 5 years. That experience kept us cooking and blogging, and ultimately may be best known for the friendships created - both in person and virtually. … Continue reading CtBF: Winter Salad

CCC – September – a month of make-ups and re-visits!

This month for the Cottage Cooking Club, we had another "make-up" or even "revisit" month. I ended up doing a little of both. To start, I was so inspired by my fellow club members who raved about last month's Summer garden lentils niçoise, that I decided I just had to make it. Well, I did. And it … Continue reading CCC – September – a month of make-ups and re-visits!

CCC – Thai Tomatoes in August

This month for the Cottage Cooking Club I made Tomatoes with Thai Dressing - I love Thai flavors, and I also love tomatoes - and fortunately had plenty from the garden. Like many of the "raw assembly" recipes, this was simple to put together - designed to highlight the flavor of the tomatoes, while adding … Continue reading CCC – Thai Tomatoes in August

CCC – The May Recipes: Salad and Spouffle

This has been a month of reflection for another group I cook with, and Zosia's idea of April/May being "transitional" is one that resonates - on many different levels. Certainly, the seasons are changing (or are supposed to be!), but graduations, beginnings, and endings are all happening around us. This marks the first month of … Continue reading CCC – The May Recipes: Salad and Spouffle

CCC – the April Recipes

As you can see, this is being posted in May. Really? I couldn't take the time to post on time? With only two recipes completed? Well, things do happen. The last couple of months have been super busy. Mainly with work, but also with family events, so I had to take a delay! Oh well!! In … Continue reading CCC – the April Recipes