CCC – The May Recipes: Salad and Spouffle

This has been a month of reflection for another group I cook with, and Zosia's idea of April/May being "transitional" is one that resonates - on many different levels. Certainly, the seasons are changing (or are supposed to be!), but graduations, beginnings, and endings are all happening around us. This marks the first month of … Continue reading CCC – The May Recipes: Salad and Spouffle

ffwd – muenster cheese souffle(s)

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I vowed to "turn over a new leaf". This past year, though particularly this past summer, I've let a few things slide. Some more visible than others. One of those things that have gone by the way-side has been my blog, and my connections to my ffwd … Continue reading ffwd – muenster cheese souffle(s)