ffwd – anne leblanc’s pistachio avocado


Avocado, a squeeze of meyer lemon juice, pistachio oil, freshly ground pepper, Hawaiian red salt.

Based on comments I’ve read as people have made when trying to source the pistachio oil, this may make others “fall in love”, as it did Dorie Greenspan ten years ago when she first made this dish. I went with the idea of making my own oil, rather than buying it pre-made, which is both expensive, and usually difficult to do (though I have seen it often recently). I also went with the more rustic version, not straining out the nuts once the oil’s had time to take on the flavor of the pistachios. Perhaps I’ll try straining some. I am, of course, wondering what possessed me to make an entire recipe (1.5 cups of olive oil)?, I’m hopeful that my fellow Dorista’s will be noting other uses for this oil – or I suppose I will have some fancy pistachio salad dressings in my future.

Since I love, love avocados, this wasn’t a bust. But I guess I’m kind of a purist. If I’m eating just avocado, I’m happy to just have some nice salt. Or maybe something like fresh salsa to juxtapose the creamy richness of the avocado itself. Usually, I’m delighted with avocado in any form. This seemed to be just a bit more. More oil, more richness, more creaminess – but not so much showing off the avocado itself. I will try it again – I have more. Of all the ingredients.

I did serve this with Dorie’s creamy mushrooms and eggs, which were delicious. Altogether, a lovely meal.


17 thoughts on “ffwd – anne leblanc’s pistachio avocado

  1. I loved this! I’ve been using the oil for salads, and last night I drizzled it on broiled fish. It’s good right out of the bottle, too!

  2. I think Dorie’s suggestion of filling the half with oil is over kill. If you love avocados you only want a little oil so it’s not overpowered. I liked the pieces of ground nuts it was a nice contrast in texture.

  3. Ooooo – this would have been great with the mushroom & eggs. I am so stealing that combo.
    I only made a half recipe of the oil and I am still not totally sure how I am going to use it up. Happy idea hunting!

  4. I love the red salt – it looks so pretty! Sorry it didn’t wow you, but it seems like a great combination with the mushrooms and eggs.

  5. I am definitely going to try to make that oil, everyone seems to love it. Your avocado dish
    looks perfect and goes so well with the mushroom and egg dish.

  6. Beautiful presentation! And honestly, if I do nothing more than use the oil in salad dressings it will still be worth it. Only I know I’ll be doing these avocados weekly. I just know it.

  7. I made my own oil too and loved it! I didn’t make that much though, just a 1/3 cup. But I have been drizzling it on EVERYTHING. Including this morning’s fried egg. So so good.
    PS: what does hawaiian red salt taste like?

    1. Well, really, it tastes like salt. :). It’s very pretty though. Theoretically it is supposed to taste a bit more mineral-y, but I don’t know.

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  8. Candy, what a lovely presentation of your avocado, sprinkled with same Hawaiian red salt – it certainly looks very pretty and I am sure it all tasted wonderful with your homemade pistachio oil!
    Have a great Sunday – sorry I am running so late with commenting back this week!

  9. I love the color that the red salt adds. I made my own pistachio oil too. Just half a recipe, but I still have lots leftover. I’ve been drizzling it over salad along with squeezed lemon and no other dressing. It’s tasty. I think having this along side the mushrooms and eggs sounds like an incredibly decadent way to start the day (in a good way).

  10. I would have done anything for more color or texture on this one, as my taste testers kept thinking the recipe wasn’t “ready yet” ? It was sort of naked, to say the least. I ground my pistachios for the homemade oil into smithereens and really wish I had kept them a bit larger as yours are- I will do that for next time. And that shot with the mushroom eggs looks divine- a great combo of Dorie recipes for sure ! Tricia

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