ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

I’m combining a couple of recipes this week – something I don’t typically do – but, well, it happens! And what different recipes they are.

I was planning on making the waffles last week, but my week got away from me. Something that happens all too frequently these days. I did really want to try them though – one of the French ways of serving waffles. As dessert!

This week’s recipe is for Salmon Tartar. Kind of a layered salmon ceviche with tomatoes and avocados. Sounded pretty delicious, even if raw salmon isn’t my all-time favorite (unless of course I just caught it off the coast of BC).

I thought why not make a French Fridays meal of it? Start with the salmon, which should be light enough to allow for dessert waffles!!100_3951

This turned out to be one of the “fussy” recipes. Three different concoctions to create the layered effect. Two types of herbs, shallots, cherry tomatoes (in 3! slices), lime supremes, zest and juice, along with some sriracha and other seasonings. Salmon, avocado (mine wasn’t nice). Of course, it was made more difficult by tiny portions as well.

I decided to take the idea of layering in a glass. I can think of other glasses that would be even nicer, especially for an appetizer (champagne flutes, shot glasses…). I had the worst time photographing, but it did make for a fun presentation.



This was quite tasty. Even though I took care in choosing my salmon, this preparation really requires the best, freshest (and I would say leanest – so better wild than farm-raised – something like King salmon would be ideal, though Coho is still a favorite) salmon you can find. I thought that the flavors were great, and loved using the new chives and mint from the garden. But the salmon texture was a bit too soft for my taste, and I did not heed Dorie’s advice – the pistachio oil got away from me… and I used too much. All of that said, this really is a nice dish, and I can think of times when it would be fantastic – I like the idea of salmon tartar “shooters” on a buffet table (chilled of course), or as a small plate starter. About half the size of this serving. Very fun, very beautiful preparation – and if you’re in the Pacific northwest and can get great, really fresh salmon – totally something that would be on the list of preparations.

And now. The Waffles and Cream. One of the things I have found very interesting is the French way of eating some of the items that in America we would serve at breakfast. Now, I can never get with the idea of whipped cream and chocolate or all manner of dessert items on pancakes or waffles for breakfast – despite the prevalence of those dishes in American restaurants. To have something like a “regular” waffle for dessert was interesting. My mom used to make chocolate waffles for company desserts – but nothing like these. I really wanted to try them!

The batter is thinner than typical, and very rich with butter. But the egg whites folded in were not new to me. I’m pretty sure Fanny Farmer and Joy of Cooking recommend that preparation method for home-made waffles – and it does make for a light one! As noted, this recipe has more butter, and some additional sugar – and ends up being quite thin.


Dorie tells us that it’s ok to have a few lumps of egg white as well, I took her advice (this time!). The waffles are cooked in a Belgian waffle maker (ideally) to provide maximum surface area for crispness, as well as satisfying wells to capture toppings.


The suggested toppings were whipped cream and caramel sauce, or even ice cream – and maybe some chocolate sauce. Berries of course would be fabulous. I chose whipped cream and salted caramel sauce (store bought but delicious). In any event, a dusting of powdered sugar is suggested.


I have to say, these were amazing. Very easy to make, and oh so light, but a terrific foil for any kind of topping. The waffles were crisp and light. I certainly think that this could be a great last-minute treat – when you’re looking for something more than just ice cream, but didn’t have time to bake a cake! And I just loved the idea of having this for dessert. The texture was different enough than a waffle served for breakfast, that it really worked. Certainly other flavors could be used as well (lemon poppyseed anyone?).

So a very happy French Friday dinner! If you would like to see how others made these recipes, you can find the waffles and cream, and salmon tartar as linked here.

13 thoughts on “ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

  1. Totally agree that the salmon tartar took a fair bit of work and a lot of dishes! My kitchen’s a mess! Your waffle with chocolate and caramel sauce looks divine!

  2. Yes, the salmon recipe did take a heck of a lot of bowls! But I loved it. And I agree about not eating this sweet and decadent waffle recipe for breakfast! But it made a wonderful dessert. Hope you’re having a terrific weekend, Candy.

  3. I wish I could have done the waffle in an iron such as yours. It would have turned out as it was meant to be. Alas, no more equipment purchases for me! I really enjoyed the salmon and used no bowls! I just made piles on my large cutting board! I agree that small ‘shooters’ would be a great way to do it. I don’t think I’ll be offering it to guests though after reading how so many Doristas are so raw fish repelled!

  4. Love the way you presented the Tartar…looks so pretty! Although it did use too many dishes! And those waffles were delicious…glad you got them done! We ate ours for breakfast…however I photographed one with ice cream and we ate it for dessert! Happy Weekend!

  5. I think your photos of the salmon tartare came out quite well. I had to go with dessert this week (did not think that salmon tartare would go down well with The Gant’s office staff on my first week back) but I definitely want to make this recipe. I do hope I can cut down on the number of dishes, bowls, etc., so might try Trevor’s cutting board technique. Lucky you, with fresh herbs. You’re right about the waffles being a great playmate with the light salmon tartare concoction. There wasn’t a waffle iron at my rental in Cambria and knew I had none here so will have to beg or borrow one to make this. I thought your Post this week was very informative, lots of good suggestions and thoughts about the preparations. Very helpful. Let’s just say that your Post was worth waiting for.

  6. Great French Friday meal, Candy! I love the idea of serving the salmon tartare in shot glasses. Yum! I agree with you about the salmon dish. Even though it was, in the end, simple, the instructions were confusing. All the different layers with similar, but the not exact same, lists of add-ins. I’m sure I mixed some of them up. I’m jealous of your garden-fresh herbs. Winter is definitely over. I was raking out the garden today! I can’t wait to try the waffles. I made the wrong dessert last week and haven’t had a chance to make them yet. I’m hungry!

  7. I’m glad to hear such a great review of the waffles! I’m hoping to get around to making them this week. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to convince my husband (or myself!) that waffles qualify as a dessert, but I’ll try.

  8. We decided that waffles for dessert is really more honest and reasonable than having them for breakfast. Because really, most restaurants are basically selling dessert for breakfast. We loved the waffles, and loved the salmon too.

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