CtBF Paris Paris

There are a few pastries with the name Paris…something. This time, these are supposed to be eclair shaped choux pastries with hazelnut praline pastry cream. Oh, and a little chocolate glaze. This is really 4 different (relatively simple) recipes combined to create something more than the sum of their parts. So. Hazelnuts. They are not… Continue reading CtBF Paris Paris

ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

I’m combining a couple of recipes this week – something I don’t typically do – but, well, it happens! And what different recipes they are. I was planning on making the waffles last week, but my week got away from me. Something that happens all too frequently these days. I did really want to try… Continue reading ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

ffwd – top-secret chocolate mousse

I’ve been waiting to make this recipe since getting the book Around My French Table. I’ve even been a bit surprised that we haven’t tackled it before. But it was a good choice for a busy week, particularly when I was going to have people over for dinner. I have to say, this wasn’t my… Continue reading ffwd – top-secret chocolate mousse

ffwd – peach melba

I’ve made plenty of peach melba-ish recipes – a lovely combination of peaches and raspberries. But I’ve never actually made the real thing. So I was looking forward to this recipe, even though I’ve been trying to hold off on decadent desserts. At least this is fruit! Right?? This is essentially peaches poached in a lovely… Continue reading ffwd – peach melba

ffwd – double chocolate nutella tart

Really, I shouldn’t do two things, well, maybe three. I shouldn’t wait until the last minute to start a recipe. I shouldn’t try to do too many things at once. And I really should make sure I read the recipe… but I guess I knew that already. I started a series of pottery throwing classes… Continue reading ffwd – double chocolate nutella tart