ffwd – pork roast with mangoes

This week’s French Fridays recipe is one for a pork roast, flavored with some Pan-Asian inspired ingredients. I associate mangoes with Australia where I first tasted truly wonderfully perfumed mangoes fresh from the tree. The sauce also includes soy, honey and garlic. The original recipe also included lychees, but I wasn’t at the right market for those, so I doubled up on the mangoes.

Very typically, the roast is browned on all sides. While that is happening, the other ingredients can be prepped.


The sauce gets created by layering the different ingredients, Sauteing, reducing, etc., finally ending with the mangoes being added. (my kitchen in Sedona is apparently really bright sometimes – skylights!)


The sauce gets pored over the browned pork roast, sealed tightly and popped into the oven for about 30-40 minutes.


This creates a delicious sauce, and gives off a wonderful aroma while baking. The preparation makes for an incredibly juicy and tender roast as well. I served mine with rice as suggested, and artichokes.


This was a very good recipe, with a nice balance of flavors. With the wine and vinegar in the sauce, it balanced the sweetness of the mango. I would likely change things a bit – some ginger, a little fish sauce – some different herbs potentially (lemongrass!), but the preparation was wonderful, and the dish as designed was quite delicious!

You can see how the other Doristas prepared their roasts this week by checking in at the French Fridays with Dorie website.

16 thoughts on “ffwd – pork roast with mangoes

  1. I really enjoyed this a lot but wouldn’t really call it Asian. It can just be what it is in my book, delicious! I rarely even eat mangoes so this was a good chance for me to get reacquainted. Jealous of your bright kitchen….

  2. Mmmm, I might like to try your changed-up version with the ginger, fish sauce, lemongrass. I just read an article where the Chef suggested that fish sauce, a small amount, is a wonderful secret ingredient. Since its smell kinda keeps me away from unscrewing the bottle cap, I have to overcome my distaste and try adding it. And, I think this would have been a perfect place for it. Never apologize for a few shadows, Candy. We get it. And, lucky you for having a bright and sunny kitchen. Today in Aspen it snowed a foot and their wasn’t a sunray in sight. Of course that will change and we’ll have more snow and some sun tomorrow, I understand. Your roast with the rice and artichoke (love, love, love artichokes) looks delicious.

  3. Lovely results (and love your skylights – LOL) Yes, this was quite some sauce and had me chuckling that it was one of the recipes you would not expect from a “French Cookbook” but of course when Dorie shares her back story about how she gets all these recipes and what she actually cooks and eats in France- it is completely understandable. I loved the mangoes with the pork and the next time I reach for applesauce with this meat I will rethink my options 🙂

  4. Oooh, ginger would be lovely with this sauce. (I am a ginger fan!) There’s nothing like eating a fresh mango in summer – something to look forward to over the long winter ahead!

  5. Candy, what an absólutely lovely looking sauce with all those fresh mangoes – great ideas for changing the ingredients to go with the decidedly Asiian theme of this recipe!
    Fresh Artickcokes sound fabulous with this dish – I should really be preparing some myself!
    Love the light “from above” in your prep pictures!
    Have a geat week & “see” you soon,

    1. …now if only I had not mistyped “artichokes”…or “Asian”…apparently, it has been one of those weeks…I am still recovering from my weekend cooking/baking frenzy.

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