CCC – October Madness

This month at the Cottage Cooking Club, we were to make dishes with seasonal fall produce – and particularly with an OKTOBERFEST flair. Well, if brioche from the market and fresh eggs count – I’m in there!

I love October. It’s my birth month. I think it is the best month for travel, no matter what hemisphere you visit. There are so many wonderful things about October – fall is in the air! Even in the desert southwest of the US, the air changes, the nights cool, and we even get some fall colors.

And it means that there will (someday) be time to slow down.

For the more than the past decade, I’ve worked as an owner rep for retailers – a Construction Manager if you will. Retail being retail, there are required dates for completion – always in time for the holiday shopping season. So that means that September through mid-November is a mad dash to the finish line. That timing hasn’t changed, though it’s even more hectic these days. Now I manage a team that completes projects, and we’re down to the last few to turn over, prior to taking a deep breath and starting on next year! 26! Yay!!

What does that mean for my cooking? Well, this month, it means that I only completed one of my dishes. It’s one I’ve made quite a few times – sometimes with this type of bread, sometimes with that. But it’s always delicious, sustaining and quick. Really, a perfect recipe for my schedule this year.

There is no particular recipe. Toast. With a poached egg on top. But who knew that something so simple would taste so good. It can be dressed up with a little truffle salt. And of course, some mushrooms or spinach would be heavenly. But simple as it is. it works.


I know that my friends in the Cottage Cooking Club will have done a much better job of highlighting the wonderful fall produce of the season. You can find the links to their posts here. There were so many delicious-sounding dishes, that my mouth is watering just thinking about reading their posts and looking at their photos!!

7 thoughts on “CCC – October Madness

  1. There’s nothing better than eggs on a toast for a quick meal especially when they’re perfectly poached and served on good bread like yours. I hope you have a chance to take a breath soon.

  2. I agree – eggs on toast is a win for ease, deliciousness, and comfort, too. It must have been especially nice on brioche. Glad you were able to make time for birthday celebrations in your busy season and I’m glad you’ll have some breathing room soon, too.

  3. Dear Candy, I am glad that you did find the time to make a delicious looking Poached egg on brioche from the market – comfort food at its best. It is wonderful that you enjoyed it and it is nice that you did find the time for a bit of a birthday celebration during the very busy month of October! It sounds like you have an extremely stressful job and I do appreciate all that you bring to this group! Thank you for cooking along with us!
    November is just around the corner and I imagine it will be yet another very busy month for you – hope you will find some time to relax!
    Take good care of yourself and “see” you very soon!

  4. Happy Birthday October Girl! Teresa, just to let you know…. I am so obsessed with poached eggs that I have been making them (and just again, tonight – for supper on top of greens) on at least five times this month. And truffle salt sounds excellent!

  5. I’ve learned from you that everything can be improved with a sprinkle of truffle salt! Eggs on toast is the perfect comfort food in the midst of a busy time. BTW, I’d be interested in your Thanksgiving menu that you mentioned on FB. Can you send it to me? Hope you’re doing well. I’ve missed my blogging friends, so I’m glad to be getting back to the connections.

  6. Are you a Libra, like me, Candy? Happy Birthday. I do not even begin to have the schedule you do and I cannot believe how fast these months are rolling by. I made Hugh’s poached eggs long ago and have made them several times since. They are no fail and I like the soft yolk. Brioche always works. Truffle salt, I have it in my pantry. Thanks for the suggestion. A nice combo. I see that you already have your Thanksgiving menu put together. You are way ahead of me on this holiday thing! Again, I hope you had a nice birthday celebration.

  7. Excellent, Candy! And a happy birthday month to you, too! I totally agree that October is a great month–it’s really when fall begins here, weather-wise, and that little brisk hint in the air (as far as it gets in So Cal) is just great. It’s a gorgeous time of year on the East Coast and everywhere else with those crystalline, blue-blue skies! It also sounds like the poached egg on toast was perfect for you this month as well. Cheers and happy November!

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