CtBF – herbed fresh pasta

A theme for me is finding – “oh, I have that, but it’s in storage… somewhere!”. And my storage space is not accessible except during the weekdays, regular work hours. Which makes it safe, but not super handy. In said storage unit. Somewhere. Lies a cool pasta attachment for my Kitchenaid. I bought it when I took an Italian cooking class at Sur la Table. And promptly never used it. Well, I actually schlepped it to UT on a visit because that brother thought it would be fun to make (it was). The challenge is that not only does it take up space, but the last thing I really need is a lot of homemade pasta. Another brother’s girlfriend hosted a surprise party at a different SLT where we made pasta as well – it was great. My niece thought it was so fun, so off went the manual one that used to reside in a cupboard somewhere around here – and now resides with her. Hopefully she uses it more than anyone else did. All of which left me pasta-maker-less.

Not getting a lot of encouragement from the recipe description – “the only people I know who are able to do that as well as a machine are Italian grandmothers”. I’m not an Italian grandmother. So my expectations were now fairly low.

I did have semolina available on the other hand, and a garden full of herbs. I decided to hedge my bets and make 1/3 of a recipe (since there were 3 eggs in the original one). As I look at the recipe again, and the photos, apparently I missed an egg yolk!

The missing yolk might have been why I needed to add so much water – that and the fact that I live in Arizona – where, if you didn’t know, it’s pretty dry. ;).

I’m pretty sure that my thickness was kind of like a credit card, as the recipe suggests, but really, not as see-through as the photos.

I was just going to serve it plainly – just some butter, cheese and pepper. Nice thing about fresh pasta is that it doesn’t take long to cook, so once it’s prepared, it’s fast!


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4 thoughts on “CtBF – herbed fresh pasta

  1. I did a third of the recipe as well, the amount divisible by the units of eggs. The simple touch of butter, cheese and pepper is serving up a delicious plate of food. Love your plate too.

  2. This was fun and I hope Tricia and I will make some really soon. I really do get fresh pasta from our local saulmaria, (whatever), and it is fantastic. And, yes, cooking and planning anything with wine is so much better.

  3. Wow, Candy, I am impressed. Michael and I once took a pasta making class in Tucson. We went home and purchased a very simple machine. We had fun making pasta and giving as host gifts (everyone would always be very impressed) but, like everything, we phased out of pasta making. When we made it, we would have pasta hanging all over the kitchen and dining room. It was fun and, you are right, delicious and there are no leftovers. Yours really looks wonderful. There is some sense of satisfaction from making your own pasta.

  4. Yours look perfect, and delicious. I used too much flour in the rolling and cutting, hence a bit ‘dense’ in the bite.

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