ffwd – christine’s party soups – the broccoli version

This is a trio of soups that are all made similarly. Vegetables, cooked with a little stock or bouillon, and then pureed. The three suggestions are: asparagus, broccoli and red bell pepper. Dorie also suggests topping the soups with a seasoned whipped cream. They can be served hot or cold.

I’ve made the asparagus one before. So decided I’d go for broccoli this time. It just wasn’t practical to make all three. Though they surely look pretty together.100_3069100_3070

I’m not the ultimate photographer anyway, but it was a bit disappointing that the color didn’t come through. Even after cooked, the green was bright and gorgeous. You’ll see here the Knorr Caldo de Pollo? Well, in the event that I don’t have any of my typical soup base on hand, this is my go-to. You find it in with the Mexican products – it’s used throughout that country in numerous recipes, and has a nice flavor, and while there’s salt, it’s not overpowering.

I decided I’d dress up the soup by putting it in a soup plate. Actually very pretty, and if I wanted something very light at a big dinner, this would work. I also tried the soup in one of our red cups, and it looked pretty too! (again, pretty lousy photos though)100_3075100_3076

For me this was ok. a good-for-you blast of vegetable in a bowl. But it’s highly unlikely that I would serve this/these for a party. I even have a party every year when I make soup. Nah… but it was tasty and filling. And it’s probably good cold too – I guess I will find out!

If you would like to see what others thought about the soup(s), you can find them here.

10 thoughts on “ffwd – christine’s party soups – the broccoli version

  1. I really liked the simplicity of this recipe, and the soups worked great for lunch. I did spice my broccoli up a bit with Japanese Curry Powder, thought it needed a little something extra! Sorry you didn’t like this one as much. Have a great weekend!

  2. I liked these enough that I think I’d make them again. That’s the total opposite of what I thought I’d think going into it. Regardless of how they taste, they certainly are pretty!

  3. I liked the soups they were very simple to make and to tell you truth I also drunk them from a mug… they were to thin to put in a plate…. Here in Europe we use Knorr cubes all the time for everything I always thought that I was something that we picked up from the US but I was wrong 🙂

  4. Nice info on the Knorr’s product. I like their soups and mixes. In fact, Nana and I typically look for new ones when we travel far away like France. I am glad you tried the broccoli one as most folks (including me) liked that one the most. I am not a fan of asparagus or red peppers so only did a taste test while hubby polished them off. Perhaps not the best ever soups, I enjoyed the value of what they presented for the amount of effort and ingredients involved.

  5. Thanks for the heads up about Knorr’s Caldo de Pollo. I’ll look for it. I won’t make these again (well, I only made the red bell pepper soup). But, I will say that the red pepper-raspberry soup was good.

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