ffwd – baked apples filled with fruit and nuts

Baked apples are a real favorite. This particular recipe does take it to another level by adding chopped dried fruits and nuts, along with a bit of honey.


In this preparation, the apples are cored partially, and then peeled halfway. The exposed flesh gets a wash of lemon juice. The fruit (here cranberry, cherry and date) gets mixed with the nuts (this time, walnuts) along with a bit of honey and touch of cinnamon. Since that was a bit more than my original coring, I did open up the middle of the apples to allow for all of the filling. A bit of butter in the middle, filled and a little more on top. They get popped into the oven for an hour or so.


I forgot the whole “baste every 15 minutes”, so mine dried out a bit on top, and a few of the fruit and nut pieces go a bit burned over-toasted, but there was plenty under those few pieces, so no disaster.


This was quite delicious. A dressy version of a baked apple, one suited to a light dessert, or even a fancy brunch dish.


I imagine I’ll make these again, and will even more likely use the idea to really elevate my typical preparation. I very often make easy baked apples by just quartering and seeding apples, tossing with a bit of raw sugar and cinnamon – I think that adding some of these fruits and some nuts would be even more delicious, and almost as easy! If you’d like to see how the other Doristas found their apples, you can find their links here.

11 thoughts on “ffwd – baked apples filled with fruit and nuts

  1. I didn’t open up my apples, so had a bit of leftover filling. I’m thinking of making an apple crisp and throwing the leftovers into the mix. Your apples look perfect!

  2. Brunch is my favorite meal for entertaining and these would be perfect, wouldn’t they? Think I’ll plan a party in a couple of weeks with these on the menu! Yours look perfect. I didn’t do the basting the entire time but only the last 15 minutes or so and still got nice color. I think next time I will cover them the first part of baking to cut down cooking time then bast the last part for color. Have a nice weekend Candy.

  3. I need to revisit these again myself but because I DID baste, but basted with the cider VINEGAR I used instead of the cider I was supposed to use. Egad. Hard to believe they really were not bad even with the vinegar. The tops were just too dark on mine regardless so I was trying to decide if I would do a foil tent or like you suggested and just by pass all the finicky coring, peeling steps to keep them whole and just chop them old school and cook with the filling sprinkled about. Either way sounds like a winner on a recipe I need to definitely have a “do-over” on. Yours look delish. Great job ~

  4. Out of blog confession: I made these earlier in the week by halving the apples and baked them in the toaster oven, not unlike my usual “baked cinnamon apples”. My fruits and nuts scorched. I don’t know why I didn’t think of covering them, but next time I’ll do it that way instead.

  5. This was a nice way to dress up a simple baked apple – its an idea that I think I will play around more with in the future too 🙂

  6. I made too much filling (almost the best part) and it just over-flowed like crazy. I thought it looked pretty but next time I will make a bigger cavity for the “stuffing”. I loved this dessert, most of us did, and yours looks quite delicious. The funny thing about this dessert? It works with every meal or party or however you want to play it. Dressed up or down. Just so tasty.

  7. I like how you opened up the apples for more filling. The core cavity didn’t allow for much stuffing otherwise. I ate the extra stuffing with oatmeal. I like your version of easy baked apples. I’ll have to try that some time.

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