ffwd – play it again, Dorie

As we finish up our French Fridays with Dorie journey of cooking through Around my French Table, we are asked this week to offer the recipe or recipes that we've made most often from the book. Not necessarily a favorite, but something that we've made a number of times. In no particular order, please consider: … Continue reading ffwd – play it again, Dorie

ffwd – the “aha” moment (aka, the top 5)

For the next several weeks, the participants in French Fridays with Dorie will be exploring our experiences over the past several years to answer a few interesting questions. This week's challenge is to "choose your favorite, loved the most, best recipe in FFWD to share this week and tell Why? Also share with us your Top … Continue reading ffwd – the “aha” moment (aka, the top 5)

ffwd – baked apples filled with fruit and nuts

Baked apples are a real favorite. This particular recipe does take it to another level by adding chopped dried fruits and nuts, along with a bit of honey. In this preparation, the apples are cored partially, and then peeled halfway. The exposed flesh gets a wash of lemon juice. The fruit (here cranberry, cherry and … Continue reading ffwd – baked apples filled with fruit and nuts

ffwd – compote de pommes (two ways)

I've made this recipe a number of times. It really is applesauce, and growing up in the midwest, that was certainly something I made as a kid as well. It's simple and homey - but also a great alternative in the fall & winter to my normal berries over yogurt with home made granola for breakfast. Plus … Continue reading ffwd – compote de pommes (two ways)

ffwd – long and slow apples

I kind of felt like Julie (of Julie and Julia fame) yesterday. I was home sick (legitimately!), but then realized that I had a recipe to make! I put off doing anything until the official end of the day, but still felt like maybe I shouldn't be making any recipes to blog about (forget the … Continue reading ffwd – long and slow apples

ffwd – chicken, apples, and cream a la normande

This week's recipe is a classic French one. I know that Julia Child has many recipes for chicken with cream. But this one has ingredients that I really love, apples, mushrooms, Calvados! I've never made it before; either Dorie's recipe, or Julia's; mainly because it's probably not that good for me (though worse than other … Continue reading ffwd – chicken, apples, and cream a la normande

ffwd – spice-poached apples or pears

I decided to make this with both pears and apples, since I didn't really know which kind of fruit I'd prefer. This is another easy recipe, with a flavorful simple syrup used for poaching the fruit (similar to the peach melba of a few weeks ago), this time sweetened largely with honey. Here, the syrup … Continue reading ffwd – spice-poached apples or pears