ffwd – play it again, Dorie

As we finish up our French Fridays with Dorie journey of cooking through Around my French Table, we are asked this week to offer the recipe or recipes that we’ve made most often from the book. Not necessarily a favorite, but something that we’ve made a number of times.

In no particular order, please consider:

my go-to beef daube. Before ffwd, I didn’t really like anything braised. “Boiled Boot” was just something that didn’t appeal. Sure, we had an occasional pot roast growing up, but this version, with wine, cognac and vegetables, is one that is both easy, and elegant all at the same time. It certainly satisfies for when you want something warm and comforting – or, maybe you just need something that can be made ahead. I have another recipe for short ribs that maybe I like better, but this always turns out perfectly and is the opposite of fussy. (as with all of those early recipes, the pictures are horrible!) Now that I look at this picture it reminds me that I first served this for one of my Dad’s birthdays! 🙂


dressy pasta “risotto”. Dorie calls this is a recipe for a faux risotto. Not rice, but pasta. And very delicious. It’s also something that you can make just about any time – though I have to say that the marscapone is pretty key to the dish. It’s easy enough to dress up a bit, but fine as it’s written. And a bit of truffle oil certainly does not go amiss.100_3049

creamy, cheesy, garlicky rice with spinach. Michael, Dorie’s husband, is right – this is really good! I’ve made this countless times when I want something really yummy, in one pot, and only really have spinach for a vegetable on hand. It is super easy, but makes for a delicious meal. And sorry, but I’m just fine with it leftover, too.

100_0950And my final choice for a play it again recipe is compote de pommes two ways. This is really a fancy way of saying applesauce. But apples prepared at home this way are a far cry from what you get in a jar. This is the easiest of recipes, and results in a really wonderful dish. It’s a great way to use up apples, or to have on hand for a dollop on top of yogurt – or even ice cream. The “two-ways” really is about how long you cook the apples. The longer version produces a thicker, jammier dish. Oh, and did I mention that you add some good vanilla at the end, and perhaps a bit of butter? Warm or cold, smooth or chunky, made with the whole apple and sieved, or peeled and chunked up – it’s worth making this dish. IMG_1980Are there other recipes I’ve repeated? Sure. But these are the ones I’ve made most often, and are most likely to be something I repeat again. I’m sure that just like our other challenges this month, others will have different choices. Look to the French Fridays with Dorie site to see what they come up with!

15 thoughts on “ffwd – play it again, Dorie

  1. I love the two side dishes you chose – it is those kinds of recipes that I am most likely to make over and over again because tasty, easy sides are always useful.

  2. Wonderful selections! LOVED the pasta risotto but had forgotten about the others! I think this cookbook is going to get a good workout for years to come 🙂

  3. Great choices, and I thought the pasta risotto was good too. I am a big fan of risotto
    anyway I can get it.

  4. Candy, two delicious sides, a main dish, and a great family-style dessert – you could not have picked more tasty dishes than your “repeats” – all of them are fabulous selections, dear friend!
    Have a great weekend,

  5. My daughter and I are not big on beef but my son really loves it and I have made my go-to beef daube a few times. I have to say that even us non-beef lovers find that dish pleasing. Great seasoning and the beef gets so tender. I remember the compote de pommes two ways you are right great way of making applesauce.

  6. I love that you chose side dishes as they are so often forgotten in these exercises…and yet they can really make the meal. I forgot about how truly lovely that pasta risotto was. Comfort food taken up a notch for sure.

  7. Hi Candy, oh they all look so delicious, I’m a big side person so the rice and the pasta risotto would of been my favorites too.

  8. Great choices Candy. Overtime I think I’ve chosen favorites I read someone’s blog and have to revise my list:)

  9. I totally forgot about that pasta dish! How is that possible? Probably because when I flipped through the book and saw it, I was still thinking it was real risotto. I totally need to make that one again.

  10. What a great list! I have mascarpone in the fridge leftover from the roulade. Maybe I’ll make the pasta if the weather cools down. That one was rich, but delicious!

  11. That is a wonderful list! I forget about the cheesy rice – how could I? It’s so good. The only one I rarely repeat is the pasta, because it’s so rich (though it’s awfully good).

  12. Alaska was amazing, you should add it to your bucket list. I love your list. I have made the beef daube but I am not a big beef eater. I am inspired to make your other dishes as I have not made them yet. More to add to my list. I miss my Fridays already.

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