ffwd: chestnut-pear soup

I've been looking at this recipe from the time I got this cookbook. It sounded like it would be so creamy and tasty. After all, I sometimes make a butternut squash soup with chestnuts that's divine. I've been waiting a long time to finally make this. Per usual, that also means that I never really … Continue reading ffwd: chestnut-pear soup

ffwd – spice-poached apples or pears

I decided to make this with both pears and apples, since I didn't really know which kind of fruit I'd prefer. This is another easy recipe, with a flavorful simple syrup used for poaching the fruit (similar to the peach melba of a few weeks ago), this time sweetened largely with honey. Here, the syrup … Continue reading ffwd – spice-poached apples or pears