ffwd – moules mariniere

Moules mariniere or mussels, mariner style. These are the mussels I’ve grown to love over the years and think of as a great treat. Of course, Thai mussels with coconut curry sauce, or those steeped in a light tomato broth are all wonderful as well. And as I made them I wondered why I don’t make these more often, since they are one of the quickest of dishes, a mere 10-15 minutes to table if you’re dedicated.

I made the even-more-simple version that Dorie suggests, leaving out the lemon, bay, bouillon cube and full compliment of herbs, but still, butter, sweet onion, a bit of nice wine and some parsley I knew would suit the purpose.


Once the base is prepared, in go the mussels for a few minutes until they are all opened.


All that’s left is to serve them piping hot. French bread is the ideal, though I used the last of some 12-grain bread I’d made. Still delicious to soak up the juices.


So, of course, I will make these again. I will say that I probably should have taken a bit more time to clean mine up. I’d picked them up (and the fishmonger picked them out one-by-one) at that “fancy” store, so I assumed they’d be really clean – um, no. But that said, they were delicious, and a terrific quick meal!

13 thoughts on “ffwd – moules mariniere

  1. Go back and give your fishmonger the what-for………he owes you another pound or two. The best thing about the posts this week was the gorgeous photography. Everyone’s pictures of the mussels were gorgeous (in my opinion). I am glad you liked them as well as I did and, I agree with everyone, why don’t wemake them more often?

  2. I think many of us were wondering why we don’t make mussels more often. The Thai curry version sounds good too. I don’t know which step I enjoy more, the mussels or sopping up the juices with good bread.

  3. I have never tried mussels before although hubby loooves them but I’ve never dares to cook or even eat them!!! may be I should start specially I like easy and quick dinners.

  4. Interesting. Mine were also picked out one-by-one at a fancy store (likely the “fancy” store) and I was wondering whether or not I actually needed to clean them. Good to know.

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