ffwd – simplest breton fish soup

The first recipe of our last year of cooking through Around My French Table (not to say the last of French Fridays with Dorie), is a simple fish soup/stew, that is both light and filling. You might ask, how does that work? But work, it does. The list of ingredients seems a bit long, but … Continue reading ffwd – simplest breton fish soup

ffwd – moules mariniere

Moules mariniere or┬ámussels, mariner style. These are the mussels I've grown to love over the years and think of as a great treat. Of course, Thai mussels with coconut curry sauce, or those steeped in a light tomato broth are all wonderful as well. And as I made them I wondered why I don't make … Continue reading ffwd – moules mariniere

ffwd – mussels and chorizo (with or) without pasta

Mussels are one of the foods I really love. But here in the desert southwest of the US, not always the easiest to find. I'm more likely to pick them up as a treat when they are available, than to seek them out. Good thing, it took me my 4th (and 2nd extremely fancy) grocery … Continue reading ffwd – mussels and chorizo (with or) without pasta