CtBF – Salmon burgers, and catching WAY up!

I've looked at this blog, and see posts from fellow bloggers, and it shows me just how far behind I've gotten. It's been a whirlwind of a few years, with little time for anything beyond the absolutely necessary. With what little time was available, making choices about exactly what to do left me leaving things … Continue reading CtBF – Salmon burgers, and catching WAY up!

ffwd – simplest breton fish soup

The first recipe of our last year of cooking through Around My French Table (not to say the last of French Fridays with Dorie), is a simple fish soup/stew, that is both light and filling. You might ask, how does that work? But work, it does. The list of ingredients seems a bit long, but … Continue reading ffwd – simplest breton fish soup

ffwd – skate (tilapia) with capers, cornichons and brown butter sauce

I've never eaten skate before, though I've seen it on a few menus, mainly in coastal cities. To be honest, I still haven't. While we can get a surprising variety of fin fish and shell fish at the better markets in the desert southwest of the US, skate isn't one of them. So when I … Continue reading ffwd – skate (tilapia) with capers, cornichons and brown butter sauce

ffwd – almond flounder meuniere

I live in the desert southwest. There are many people who ask themselves when thinking about buying or ordering fish - am I on the coast? or near a large body of water? Alas, not the case here. Though there are wonderful trout to be had up north if you're a good fisherman, and delightful … Continue reading ffwd – almond flounder meuniere