ffwd – david’s seaweed sables

This was an interesting idea. I have been intrigued by Dorie’s cocktail cookies, so this was something I was looking forward to. Of course, I had my doubts about the seaweed, but between Dorie and David, how could I go wrong?? I had just made David Lebovitz’s amazing vanilla ice cream last weekend, so I was totally ready to trust.

I didn’t happen to have any nori on hand, so I had to punt, but thankfully the  store near me has lots of different items, if not actual nori itself. I figured sea tangle snacks would be close enough…

The nori has to be ground or chopped finely. Very pretty green, but I couldn’t imagine how this was going to turn out, once I got started.

Once the dough is made, it’s formed into logs and chilled or frozen. This was easy dough to work with, which was nice, and it quickly formed into the rolls. Once they are chilled and you’re ready to bake, they can be nicely sliced. One thing – the recipe says it makes 70 sables. I think I ended up with 64, so close… The dough can also be frozen, which I think is a terrific idea – nice to have something on hand that you can quickly prepare at the spur of the moment.

These are supposed to be baked on parchment (my favorite) for about 12-14 minutes at 350 degrees – until they are set, but not colored. That turned out to be a bit too long for me, and I wasn’t able to get either batch out without any browning (as it turned out, I don’t think it was a big deal).

So, I ended up planning on these to go with a nice white wine (Bennett Lane White Maximus) before we went out for dinner.

The flavor is surely unusual, but surprisingly addictive. The bit of salt on top was a nice burst, combined with the slightly sweet, sandy cookie. The seaweed was an interesting touch, and it made them more obviously a savory-ish thing rather than dessert.

I have to say that while there were mixed reactions, it was overall positive, and I really liked both the concept and the end result. Dorie was right, great with a nice white wine. Also would have been good with sparkling wine (though, really, what isn’t?). We agreed that other flavor options would be a great possibility, beyond the nori. Also, these were a nice option for a “nibble” before dinner, rather than an actual appetizer – since I can end up filling up on that, and then, well…

These were a lot of fun to make and share. I’ll be interested in seeing what all of the other French Fridays with Dorie cooks think!

12 thoughts on “ffwd – david’s seaweed sables

  1. Wasn´t the nori just a lovely shade of green – I was in love with the color and texture of the seaweed – well, green is my favorite color but received only mixed reviews when I served these savoury cocktail nibbles. But they were interesting and fun to make.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. We enjoyed these as well, especially me. Yours turned out very pretty. I also had a bit of color on mine which I don’t think hurt them at all.

  3. Glad you enjoyed them, I did too. I would like to try other ingredients with this recipe,
    and perhaps make mine smaller next time. Great job. Happy weekend.

  4. It’s always dicey to switch to a new Blog provider. You not only have to be a good cook but a tech genius as well. Your site looks good, however. I also bought sea tangle snacks (from Whole Foods). A pack didn’t break the bank. I liked my crisp sablés better than the first pan that I didn’t brown (per Dorie) Just didn’t love them.

  5. I didn’t get 70 cookies out of this either, and I measured pretty carefully. I’m glad you enjoyed these. I have to be careful with appetizers, it can be way too easy to fill up!

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