ffwd – corn pancakes

Nope. At least not following the recipe. Not for me.

Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to the first fresh-picked corn from our local farm in Camp Verde this weekend. Or maybe because I’ve been spoiled by the really great quality frozen corn… but my rendering of this recipe just didn’t cut it. Maybe later this summer I’ll try this again when I have some fresh corn that I want to use in some different way. But I don’t know. With so many great alternatives (elote con crema, corn pudding, budin de elotes, corn quiche, corn studded muffins… you get the idea), I just don’t know that this will get the nod.

That said, this is a simple dish. Canned corn, flour, eggs, salt.Whirl it all in a food processor, cook the pancakes in a frying pan…

Dorie suggests serving these along side a roast – chicken, pork. And I think that would be tasty enough. I just didn’t think they had any real flavor, and the texture wasn’t wonderful. So maybe my fail. I’m sure that others have come up with something much better.

I did, however, make the dough for Dorie’s Rosemary, Almond and Parmesan cocktail cookies. Now those, I have some real hope for!

10 thoughts on “ffwd – corn pancakes

  1. I used Summer sweet corn (canned) and it was too sweet, but the texture was just like any other pancake. Maybe you needed to mix yours longer? Oh well, I didnt care for this one too much either.

  2. Candy, your list of dishes that one can prepare with corn makes me want to try out some new ideas for dishes with corn – my repertoire of “corn dishes” seems to be rather limited, so maybe, I should expand my horizons a bit.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I think the field was divided on this one. It didn’t rate for me either, but others loved them. Yours look good, even if they were not hitting the flavour mark.

  4. Candy, I think you should give these another shot with the fresh corn. I really liked them and that’s what I used. But you are right, there are so many nice ways to use fresh corn. Your list is mouth-watering! Have a great weekend.

  5. I used frozen corn…but the combining them with creme fraiche and smoked salmon really gave these the wow factor. I’d try a half batch with fresh corn…I bet you’ll like them much better 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear that, but we’ve all had a few recipes which just didn’t work for us. In fact, I’ve had several in the month of June. Oh well. I actually really enjoyed these, partially because they were so darn easy!

  7. Candy, I think everyone would have been happier with these little guys had we made this in the Winter (yes, I know it’s winter in Paula’s South America) when we could have served them with a stew or soup or daube. In the Summer, when there are so many veggies fresh from the garden, I couldn’t figure out why we were cooking with canned corn. Please try these again next winter.

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