ffwd – apple gorgonzola quiche

Sometimes its a good thing when I make a recipe, then wait to blog about the results. This is one of those times. I was looking forward to making this quiche, since I really like quiche, love Dorie’s tart dough recipe, and thought the combination sounded great. I did substitute some Maytag Blue cheese for the gorgonzola, since I had about the right amount left over from something else.

We’ve made the tart dough before, so I won’t go into that too much – other than – I got a new kitchen “gadget” thing for Christmas – a pie crust “bag” that you put the dough in, zip together, and it makes the perfectly sized circle of dough for your pie or tart… easier to show than to describe.

This worked really well. The dough was the perfect size for the tart pan, and it was super easy. The dough also came off the plastic well (and it was easy to clean too). I have a larger size one too. I guess I need to make more pies!

Anyway, fast forward a bit, after the dough rests in the freezer for a bit, it gets pre-baked. Then the filling is made.

Onions, eggs, cream, cheese. I substitued a Granny Smith apple (and used the entire apple, not the half noted in the recipe), thinking that the tartness would be a nice contrast to the slightly bitter creaminess of the cheese. Onions get a quick saute until soft, but not browned.

The the remaining ingredients all get layered into the pre-baked crust.

And then the egg and cream mixture gets added over all of the remainder, just before it gets popped into the oven.

Dorie says that it should be baked until the center puffs up – and of course is a beautiful golden brown.

So when I first served this (warm), I didn’t think it was all that great. In fact, I brought the other half of it to my office the next morning, planning on getting someone else to “help” with eating it. I think that maybe it was too hot (I was in a hurry after rolling, freezing, pre-baking, assembling, baking again…). But everyone (including me) who had some the next day at room temperature loved it. I even had someone hopefully offer to take the rest of it home if no one wanted it (it didn’t make it that far :))

In the end, this turned out better than I thought. I did think that the crust was a little too thick, though it had that satisfying crispness and stability that allows you to pick up a slice without it falling apart. As much as I like blue cheese, the gorgonzola was probably a better idea. Happily though, I made this early enough to get second opinions!

13 thoughts on “ffwd – apple gorgonzola quiche

  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but my girl has been noshing on it straight out of the fridge.
    Sometimes its nice to have all those helpers to get it off your hands 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I like the idea of a crust thick enough to pick up a slice with your hands…at least for this recipe that my kids who come home looking for food, pick up with their hands. Your quiche actually looks really great.

  3. Your quiche really puffed up nicely. I agree, it was more tasty when chilled. I loved it and
    served it with a nice green salad mix. I think Tricia and I will be doing this again and real soon.

  4. I need one of those pie crust circle things! I NEVER get it right. Never ever. I had my last little slice for lunch today. I loved it the first time, and it really did hold up well.

  5. The crust bag thing sounds like a great idea. I used two pieces of plastic wrap and have to keep peeling them off so they don’t stick!

  6. Your quiche looks great! I knew my husband wouldn’t eat it because of the apples, so I brought to the office to share. Unlike at home, no one asked what the ingredients were, and everyone enjoyed it.

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