ffwd – quiche maraichère

Typically, I follow the FFWD recipes quite closely. Sometimes with a bit of a minor twist, but often, I want to see what was so inspiring about the original. Lately, I've noticed a lot of recipes relying on carrots, celery and something from the onion family... and we'd just done that with our vegetable-barley soup from a … Continue reading ffwd – quiche maraichère

ffwd – mushroom and shallot quiche

This week's recipe uses one of my favorite vegetables - mushrooms! And I love quiche, so I've been waiting to make this recipe. I had a whole bunch of crimini mushrooms on hand, so it worked out perfectly (well, almost). I also remembered to pick up a nice bunch of thyme from the house up … Continue reading ffwd – mushroom and shallot quiche

ffwd – apple gorgonzola quiche

Sometimes its a good thing when I make a recipe, then wait to blog about the results. This is one of those times. I was looking forward to making this quiche, since I really like quiche, love Dorie's tart dough recipe, and thought the combination sounded great. I did substitute some Maytag Blue cheese for … Continue reading ffwd – apple gorgonzola quiche