CCC – It’s June! tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and herbs

I thought that with my busy June schedule, I'd pick recipes that were related somehow. With a common thread connecting them. I do that all the time with dinner parties and celebratory feasts - if there's something that provides a degree or two of separation to other items on the menu, then you can be … Continue reading CCC – It’s June! tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and herbs

ffwd – apple gorgonzola quiche

Sometimes its a good thing when I make a recipe, then wait to blog about the results. This is one of those times. I was looking forward to making this quiche, since I really like quiche, love Dorie's tart dough recipe, and thought the combination sounded great. I did substitute some Maytag Blue cheese for … Continue reading ffwd – apple gorgonzola quiche