ffwd – quiche maraichère

Typically, I follow the FFWD recipes quite closely. Sometimes with a bit of a minor twist, but often, I want to see what was so inspiring about the original. Lately, I've noticed a lot of recipes relying on carrots, celery and something from the onion family... and we'd just done that with our vegetable-barley soup from a … Continue reading ffwd – quiche maraichère

ffwd – asparagus soup and corn muffins

I happen to think that asparagus is one of the best vegetables. Strangely enough, I think a lot of "a" vegetables (and fruits I suppose) are great: asparagus, artichokes, avocados... so this is a soup I was happy to try. Since I would be having this as a meal, not a starter, I thought I'd follow … Continue reading ffwd – asparagus soup and corn muffins