ffwd – roasted rhubarb

I really like rhubarb. I like that it used to be known as “pie plant”. Humble, homey. Good on it’s own or alongside strawberries. To my mind, very old-fashioned, which has its appeal too.

Since I typically have yogurt and fruit for breakfast every morning, I thought – how fun. This is, of course a super-simple recipe. Not exactly a culinary challenge. OK, so maybe the part about only cooking it for a little while… I got sidetracked watching a ballgame, and didn’t turn on the timer. But anyway, I liked the addition of the orange zest. And it really was quite tasty with some yogurt. As Dorie notes, this would be good served in many ways, with many things.  Certainly a nice way to enjoy rhubarb without that pie crust (not that I don’t like crust – just don’t need crust). I’ll be enjoying it over the next several days.

12 thoughts on “ffwd – roasted rhubarb

  1. I am so going back to revisit this one. I just wish Nana and I could get our hands on more rhubarb – I can't believe it is so hard to find 🙂 I knew I wanted to play around with it some more but reading your post and the others has me totally convinced. Great job !

  2. I love that this is such an old-fashioned dish, too. It was such a simple dish to prepare, but boy, does the taste pack a wallop and is just perfect on its own or as a topping.

  3. What a great idea to have it for breakfast! That never even occurred to me!(And I can totally relate to getting distracted. Story of my life!)Great photo!

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