ffwd – salmon and tomatoes en papillote

I’ve been away for awhile, though at the moment, I’m interested in everything French. No, not a trip on the horizon, but the annual epic trip around France (and into Belgium and Spain), known throughout the world as the Tour de France. Usually, I try to plan different French menus throughout the month, to at least conjure up the idea of visiting the Tour. A pilgrimage I would love to make one day.
But, it’s corn and chile season in Arizona. Many things converge on the weekend of Independence Day – Wimbledon, the Tour – oh, and fresh corn from Hauser & Hauser Farm in Camp Verde Arizona start selling their locally, family-farmed corn. And wonderful it is. A friend and I made a date to go to breakfast and on to the Farm to pick the first of the season. As we were there, we were instructed to “wait – there’s another load coming in”, as we watched another tractor bring in a full load of freshly picked corn – driven by a couple of the teenage granddaughters. Over the years, though I don’t know the kids, I’ve still watched them grow up in the family business and passion. It’s one that all of us who love good food and our rural history share. So I’ve been sidetracked by Elote con Crema and other things chile & corn-ish.

But now, it’s still Tour time, and time to enjoy some terrific French food. I thought that this was perfect this year because I need look no further than Dorie’s wonderful book to find French food-delights to enjoy while watching the unbelievably beautiful French countryside along with cheering on my favorite sprinters and climbers.

Now it’s time to cook! This week’s recipe presented a couple of challenges: more notably turning on the oven to 475 when it’s at least 105 outside; and… it’s salmon. My niece would be incredulous to hear this – but it’s not my favorite. And then, if I’m having it, my favorite way to prepare it is to grill it – with a few little crispy bits around the edges. But that’s not very French – and it’s time to start preparing some French food!!

my mix of ingredients ready to go
I forgot to plan ahead and bring back thyme from up north – I had to buys some
I hate that! Our lemon thyme would have been perfect!!!
I picked most things up at Whole Foods on the way home
I hated paying for the organic cherry tomatoes – but as I popped a few in my mouth
while prepping things… yum!  a “really” tomato!

A simple (and beautiful) preparation

sealed up and ready to go

12 minutes later

and plated for dinner

I thought that this was really a nice dish –  in parts. I’m not a fan of the combination of tomatoes and salmon (don’t know why), but both were wonderful in their own way. I really, really liked the herbs and cooking method for both. And while a tiny bit (well, because of where I shopped!) expensive, a lovely mid-week meal. Or even a terrific one for that last-minute decided-to-have-guests-over weekend night. The combination of herbs, shallots, olive oil with the well-seasoned fish was wonderful. Nice, easy choice for getting back into my “racing form”.

3 thoughts on “ffwd – salmon and tomatoes en papillote

  1. I am with you on combining the tomato and salmon – I prefer them apart from each other (but both were great individually). These packets do really well on the grill – no need to turn on the oven!

  2. What a fun idea to enjoy Tour de France with our French cooking…I don't know why my brain did not think about that. Enjoyed your post. We need to take a ride up north and get some farm fresh produce. I'm glad I read your post…you've given me some things to d.

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