ffwd – scallops with orange-caramel sauce

I really didn’t do the level of planning that I would typically do for one of the French Friday recipes. This was a last-minute (ok, the day before – but I work so it felt a little last minute!) change to a menu for a mid-week dinner party. When I found out that my original plan wouldn’t work, someone suggested “fish”, I countered “I don’t have a grill, I’m not making fish for 6, 7, 8…!”. But then, as I started looking around to decide what to prepare, I really just kept coming back to these scallops. And I finally just decided why not? Well one reason why not was that I had a guest or two who profess a dislike for scallops. Then I thought – I could add some shrimp. But in the end, I decided that they could just deal with it, since I really thought that they would turn out well and everyone would like them. There is a particular type that I always buy, and they’re always terrific (I’ll admit it, even I don’t like all scallops!). So, it was decided!

Then, I had to think about what else to serve – I landed on Dorie’s suggestion of the spiced glazed carrots – they are now one of my go-to recipes. I also made a riff on one of her salads, this one with arugula, beets and goat cheese – and then we finished up with the salted butter break-up from last week. Simple enough.

Well, with all of that going on, you can imagine that I really didn’t get too into taking photographs. While I had made the caramel sauce earlier, there were enough things going on, that I really didn’t get to it.

I love the steam! 🙂

But the whole thing came together. We had a memorable evening, filled with a lot of laughter and great stories. And the scallops were a hit. Every delicious one enjoyed. Made a convert out of the non-scallop-eaters (who admitted that they would have only eaten shrimp if given the option and never even tried the scallops!), and found that they are a favorite of our guest-of-honor.
This turned out to be a super-simple dish. I wish I’d reduced the sauce a bit more. And would have liked to have made the candied peel as a garnish. Next time. But otherwise, it was really nice – a bit fancy, and also really fast! So Dorie came through again!

16 thoughts on “ffwd – scallops with orange-caramel sauce

  1. Glad this one worked out for you! And wow, I don't know how any one who works pulls together a dinner party in the middle of the week. I am impressed! Sounds like a great, simple supper.

  2. I'm happy this turned out great for you! And, that's a very good idea to have some shrimp on the side or even incorporated (if you know everyone would take well to that). Great post!

  3. Sometimes the company elevates the food, but this recipe definitely helps! Pictures of food definitely take the backseat in fun evenings.

  4. It seems we were really thinking along the same lines with the shrimp and the carrots! I'm glad that you introduced scallops to your friends. The shrimp were great in this, but the scallops were even better, so they would've been missing out!

  5. Wonderful job ! You are the second post that I have seen who did the carrots again. I was in the minority who was not a fan the first time but am convinced I somehow screwed up the recipe. Hearing that you have made it again makes me want to try. Thx for the inspiration !

  6. Great choices for your dinner party – they look like they turned out beautifully. I love the carrots, too. Just seeing photos this week on a few members' posts is making me want to make them again this week.

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