ffwd – quiche maraichère

Typically, I follow the FFWD recipes quite closely. Sometimes with a bit of a minor twist, but often, I want to see what was so inspiring about the original. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of recipes relying on carrots, celery and something from the onion family… and we’d just done that with our vegetable-barley soup from a couple of weeks ago. So I wasn’t overly excited about this recipe. Then, our friend Mary, showed us all up by cleaning out her refrigerator and making some amazing recipes. So, I got what I thought was an inspiration: I had some asparagus that really should have already been used, as well as some snap peas – what would make a more spring-like quiche?



This particular quiche is designed to be filled with lots and lots of fresh vegetables, and just a bit of custard – oh and with a smattering of cheese on top. I diced up the vegetables and sauteed them until just barely tender. This quiche uses the tart shell from the book that would, quite frankly, make an old tire taste delicious.


This all worked out because it was exactly the perfect amount of filling, even though the sides of the tart shell shrunk a bit (no, I did not stretch it!!). The vegetables and custard are added to the shell and baked for a bit.


Finally, it’s topped with cheese, and baked for a bit more until it gets all melty. I decided to use Manchego because I really like it a lot, and thought it would pair with the vegetables nicely.



I ended up serving this as a starter, and it was well-received, though honestly, anything in this pastry will be. It’s great because it’s sturdy enough to allow small pieces to be cut and picked up without making a mess.



Since I’m late getting this posted, I already know how much everyone loved the original version – so maybe now I need to go back and try that one. But quiche is a weakness of mine, so I should probably wait a bit (lest I eat the entire thing!). My version was quite tasty, and there was not a crumb left. Now, to come up with an excuse to make another of the carrot, celery and onion variety.

15 thoughts on “ffwd – quiche maraichère

  1. I loved your statement about the tart shell making an old tire taste good. I had not heard that one before. Hopefully all of us are on a mission not to be part of the American mass that wastes 40% of their food. Good for you and I thought the color of your quiche was beautiful. I actually threw in a few pieces of leftover asparagus but just forgot to include that in my post. Aren’t we the clever ones. Like you, I like quiche and am going to make this again. It seemed to have less filling and more substance. Very nice photos.

  2. I cannot wait to taste the sweet something in this tart shell (I made two)! Love your addition of asparagus and snap peas!

  3. Great additions with asparagus and snap peas! I skipped the soup – it has just been too hot for heavy soups, our temps have already been in the 100’s.

  4. Quiche is the perfect vehicle for using up what’s in the fridge. Your version sounds excellent. The original recipe is a reminder that quiche can even be delicious with the basics. I had no idea carrots or celery would be good in a quiche. Have a great weekend, Candy.

  5. Candy, such a lovely springtime quiche – it is always good to use what one has on hand or what is seasonal (or both) – asparagus and snap peas sound fabulous in this quiche. And it does look wonderful the way you presented it! I also interpreted “Market QUiche” a bit liberally.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. The fancy French name for you quiche could “Quiche Vert” It is lovely and green! I love that you used seasonal ingredients that were sitting in your fridge.

  7. The longer I do this, the more I am a fan of using what I have on hand and making it work. Of course, like you, I kind of want to go back and make the original version.

    It sounds delicious!

  8. Candy, you are so right about this crust making an old tire taste good. My husband said something similar! I think your changes look and sound perfect!

  9. Adding asparagus is a great idea. I wish it was still in season here. This is my fave quiche so far.

  10. Do try the original some time – it was so good! Your version sounds delicious, too, though. The thing I love about quiche is that you can put just about anything into it. Great for days when you think you have no food in the house.

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