CtBF – Lower east side brunch tart

This week, we have a bittersweet task. Honoring our friend and fellow blogger Ro DiDomenico, or Nana, as she was to most of us. This recipe was one that she had wanted to make for some time, and if my dish is any indication, she was certainly watching over the process - no better pastry … Continue reading CtBF – Lower east side brunch tart

ffwd – salmon rillettes

As I looked through this recipe, and did a little research, I decided that I would veer slightly off-path with my salmon, but loved the description of Dorie's poaching method, so wanted to keep that. This is essentially a rough spread combining poached salmon and smoked salmon. I've written before about my tightly held opinions … Continue reading ffwd – salmon rillettes

ffwd – two tartines

Dorie's recipe recalls a favorite cafe of hers in Paris, La Croix Rouge. The recipe is for "tartines", or open-faced sandwiches - in this case two different combinations: rare roast beef and cornichons (the saint germain), and the other smoked salmon with capers (the norvegienne). Of course, on some beautiful bread. In Phoenix, we have … Continue reading ffwd – two tartines