ffwd – broth-braised potatoes

This is a great little recipe for potatoes, particularly when you a) want something tasty, but quick and not involved or b) something that has a lot of flavor without all of the cream and butter of, say, Dorie’s potato gratin (or maybe all of the above). IS it a bit more complicated than some boiling water? Sure, but it’s still just one pot, and a few extra minutes brings some terrific herby-deliciousness to the dish.

Essentially, you infuse some broth (I used chicken) with some herbs, garlic, and if you have it, a bit of lemon peel. Potatoes are added, and simmered in the broth until they are tender. This is perfect for the tiny fingerling, baby yukon gold, Β or other “new” potatoes that are so terrific since you can adjust up or down depending on the number of people, and they are the perfect size to absorb that wonderful stock. Of course, the last bit is seasoning with salt and pepper, but it couldn’t possibly be easier!

I liked keeping a little bit of the broth to just moisten the potatoes so they didn’t need any extra butter. They were really quite tasty!


30 thoughts on “ffwd – broth-braised potatoes

  1. I also agree…easy and tasty and very little fat makes these potatoes wonderful for use often. Nice write up again…you are really good at giving a nice summary of what the recipes are all about.

  2. Your dish looks amazing, is that corned beef and carrots on there. Your potatoes have such a nice color to them, perhaps if I had used Yukon gold or butter potatoes instead of the
    extras I had around, I would have had a better tasting result. Glad you enjoyed them.

  3. I have a real appreciation for techniques that take something simple – like boiled potatoes – and kick up the flavors. I have to agree with Cher though … there’s nothing quite like a gratin!

  4. I really expected these to turn out with more flavor. Drat those expectations πŸ™‚ I may try them again with the “fingerling” potatoes…just like Dorie suggested the first time. And if they don’t work out – I will just ask Nana to make another frittata !

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