ffwd – almond flounder meuniere

I live in the desert southwest. There are many people who ask themselves when thinking about buying or ordering fish – am I on the coast? or near a large body of water? Alas, not the case here. Though there are wonderful trout to be had up north if you’re a good fisherman, and delightful shrimp somewhat far to the south – and of course the great Pacific Ocean a mere 5 hours away… here, no. Not so much.

That said, we live in a modern age where many things are possible. Flounder this week, however, was not one of them. I did find a nice Petrale Sole. Close enough for this desert dweller.

I have been out of the loop on my French Fridays for some time. By circumstance or other “stances”, I have missed my friends and the structure of my group. Hopefully this one will get me back on track.

So – on to the recipe. As you can see, my quest for flounder went unfulfilled. BUT, this was still a really great choice for once-again entering the ffwd fold. Very simple. On-hand ingredients  (with the exception of the fish!). And happily, something wonderfully good. So happy to be back.

The almond meal, flour lemon and seasonings are mixed together. Interestingly, the “skin side” of the fillet is brushed with the egg yolk, then pressed into the crumbs, creating a coating on one side.

I managed to get the sliced almonds toasted, but as you’ll see later… I forgot them! Oops!

It’s a nice quick saute in butter (browned a bit first). The tablespoon or so of butter is heated until a toasty-brown, then the fillet is placed in the pan – crust-side down for a couple of minutes.

The fillets are then turned over. A little additional butter can be added, and then the browned butter spooned over the top. I’ll admit that I didn’t have a lot of butter for “spooning”, but it made me feel more virtuous! To make this more meuniere, it probably needed a bit more butter – but that was ok! It only takes a couple of minutes on the second side to complete the dish.

This was a very (very) tasty dish. The fish was perfectly cooked, and the nutty crust was nice on the one side. I could easily see making this for guests. The coating was not overpowering, allowing the flavor of a subtly-flavored fish to come through. I could see this preparation working with other types of fish as well, since the one-sided approach was so balanced. I’m looking forward to making this again.

(OK, to be honest, I’m not a “cooking fish indoors” fan – where I live tends to retain aromas. And I’m not a huge fin-fish (particularly the oh-so-popular salmon) fan in general. So this was a super-nice preparation. Very nice flavor and texture, without the down-side. I have to say, it was even nice the next day for lunch! So as a not-in-love-with-cooking-fish-at-home-indoors person – this was even more amazing!)

12 thoughts on “ffwd – almond flounder meuniere

  1. Well, I went the frozen flounder route and it was OK, but not my vision when I read the recipe. Hubby, being from the East Coast, is picky about his flounder, but he really liked this recipe. I agree with you that the one sided breading was a good idea and really easy. Your dish looks perfect. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Welcome back! We couldn’t find Flounder in CA, so I used Swai which was delicious. Very nicely done. I have to tell you that even though we eat a lot of fish, I don’t care for Salmon, either. I find it funny that it’s the only fish some people will eat.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I couldn’t find flounder or sole…so I went with grouper…and it was marvelous! Yours looks beautiful, too…I haven’t found anyone who didn’t love this one yet 🙂

  4. Gee, I’m feeling really special…I live in NJ and flounder is readily available! It was delicious…but I’m sure any light fish would work fine! Yours looks perfect! Welcome back! Have a great weekend!

  5. Good to see you this week, Candy. I think this recipe would work with any flat white fish, so your west coast sole sounds like a perfect choice. I didn’t have enough butter for spooning over either, but it still tasted delicious. Hope to see you again next week! I’ve missed your posts.

  6. how did you have any leftovers?? 🙂 LOL! Well, I’m glad you liked it and that it didnt make your house smell like fish!

  7. Your dish looks delicious…crunchy crust and your greens is great for the fish….yumm
    I guess I am lucky to be able to get fresh flounders here though it is quite pricey for the fillets. This dish tasted really good and I love the nutty crunch on the outside and tender on the inside. Beautiful dish and I shall make this again for sure for the family . Have a nice weekend!

  8. Good to see you 🙂
    Fortunately, I am close to a coast and could get the flounder. Sole sounds like a great option – looks good.

  9. That fish looks so very delicious. After reading the various blogs I realize I was supposed to toast the almonds? I guess I missed that part in the recipe, but I do that a lot. Thank
    goodness is still tasted good.

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