CtBF – lentil salad (and a hummus make-up)

Seems that I was on the same cadence as a few others. Making (or posting anyway) both of these recipes this week. 

I have often written about how much I learned to love lentils on this blog. Apparently my dog does too because the last time I made them, I made a larger batch and froze some. Who knew my puppy would steal the bag thawing on the countertop? 😡. I’m the only human that lives in the household who shares our affinity however, so I don’t make them quite as often. This was a GREAT reminder about how I need to change that. 

Super simple, and just a tiny bit different than the other recipe I use for lentils – this is exactly a recipe I could make at any time because I almost always have everything on hand. 

The cooked lentils with their vegetables get tossed with a mustardy vinaigrette and allowed to cool. Then toasted walnuts and fresh parsley are added. That’s it!! And it is delicious!! In fact, I think it would be a great thing to make a small batch each week and add it to, or as a side dish for, anything. This would be endlessly adaptable with any veggies on hand, or with different herbs (almost went with basil – a great combo). So! A hit! Which leads me to the hummus. I’ve made it before (for the dukka), but had not done the whole “peal the skins off of the chickpeas” thing. This time I did, after reading about what a difference it made. 

Full disclosure, I used canned. I’ve come to my fondness of chickpeas late (though I have a chickpea tomato salad that has to be made each summer). So, I’m not cooking them from dry. Also, I was swept up in the Cuisinart blade debacle and still have no food processor. The mini one doesn’t cut it. I still have an old-school blender, so after trying to make it smooth with less than success, I put it in the blender. Made all the difference in the world! Silky!!!

My other trick is using Trader Joe’s tahini. It’s complete different than other tahinis. Different texture. Different color. Yummy. 

Anyway, this hummus got the full treatment: dukka, extra virgin olive oil, toasted pepitas and ground sumac. The full Monty. The whole enchilada. The whole nine yards. You probably get the idea. 

This ended up being perfect for an afternoon visit with a good friend who eats vegan. Of course, always my favorite to serve “regular” foods that fit the bill. 
So, a couple of terrific recipes for an afternoon visit with friends. And a great reminder in general. 

5 thoughts on “CtBF – lentil salad (and a hummus make-up)

  1. Tip on the blender duly noted, stored in my brain and for just in case, jotted it down in the notebook! That was fun! We enjoyed the lentils salad too and I made hummus pancakes ala Dorie with the balance!

  2. I cannot jump into the blade problem, thank goodness, so will leave that to the CtBF pros who share your problem. I admire anyone who is peeling chick peas. Full disclosure: I will always keep an ample supply of canned chick peas in the pantry. I did order Le Puy French green lentils and do agree they are better than any lentils I have ever tried or cooked with. Full disclosure: I have never cooked with black lentils. I made the salad this weekend for a luncheon and we all loved it. Like you, I need to keep it around because it is filling and nutritious and easy to pack for a hiking meal. Candy, I don’t care when you make a recipe or when you write a post, I am just happy that we all doing it together as time allows. I know you’re hot down there. Take care. Stay hydrated.

  3. These two sides together make for a fantastic treat, whether you eat vegan or not. The full monty treatment of the hummus and its creamy texture are absolutely appealing. It jumps out of the page and I’m ready to grab a bite. I want to apply the same full treatment next time I make hummus.

  4. Both dishes look great! I may have to give the whole chickpea-peeling thing a try. FWIW, I just got my new Cuisinart blade a few weeks ago (in fact, my hummus was the first thing I made with it), so hopefully you will be up and running soon.

  5. First, I am laughing at the puppy story because I have heard Tricia mention similar stories. I also used canned chickpeas, why knock yourself out, but never heard about skinning them. Both of these were fantastic recipes and I will definitely do a repeat. This sounds like a complete winner for you…..

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