CtBF Salted olive crisps (the dog ate my homework)

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a while and was excited to try what seemed like a savory biscotti, or one of those yummy crispy crackers that are so good. 

I used some fabulous green olives that I love and some sliced almonds. The dough is simple to put together. I wasn’t really comparing at the time to any other recipes. I did sort of wonder about the batter, but hey!!

This was pretty fun! I baked the bread, and turned it out to cool just a bit before cutting. And that’s when things got a little sideways. I used my wonderful bread knife, and made what I thought were quite even, thin slices. These went back into the oven to crisp. I couldn’t get them to real crisp. Hmmmm… I’m sure not sliced thin enough. But even after sitting out. They looked so pretty! And then. It all went awry. Who knew that my sweet little puppy Milo had grown tall enough that he could steal things off the counter???

I returned from errands to find nothing on the counter and a few telltale crumbs. (It’s bad when you look up and there’s a stray half cracker at your feet! No amount of tail-wagging will make that disappear). Milo’s partner in crime, Molly, obviously helped. They “got” to skip dinner given the sheer quantity of crackers they ate! Needless to say they felt a lot better the next day. 

Truth be told, they weren’t my favorites. I kept trying them (until they were stolen of course), but they didn’t grab me. Might have been the olives I used. Still, the texture was off a bit. But what a great concept!!! I think they’d be fun to try again. Hopefully the dogs won’t get the homework again, though!! 

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