CCC – Cottage Cooking Club, July Edition

This month in the Cottage Cooking Club, we had another wonderful selection of recipes to make and enjoy, all out of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s lovely cookbook – River Cottage VEG. I committed to three, but then, well, I still had other meals to cook, so I ended up making a few more…

I wanted to be sure to have fresh ingredients for my recipes, but with my crazy schedule, I can’t always get to my favorite roadside stand. What makes it so? It’s a family affair. There are usually kids working the counter, and always adults harvesting something. You can pick produce that was on the vine or in the field literally moments before.


I didn’t start out the month with vegetables from this stand, but I did find some fava beans at the market. I’ve never made anything with them, I’m not certain that I’ve ever eaten any, so I decided that I would try them out, making bruchetta with fava beans and asparagus. The vegetables are cooked separately, sautéed together, and then seasoned and goat cheese added – finally ending up on small toasted bread rounds.


I prepared these after I’d been out of town for a number of days, returning home, craving vegetables! So along with, I thought that the marinated zucchini with mozzarella sounded delicious. I had some fresh mint from the garden, and decided to try that combination with the grilled zucchini – something light and refreshing.

The zucchini are sliced thinly, and the grilled until they get browned around the edges and are softened. They marinate in a light dressing of garlic, olive oil and lemon, along with some fresh pepper and the mint. Just before serving, the mozzarella is added.


Around the same time, I found myself with day-old French bread, fresh tomatoes and garden basil on my hands – so what else? Panzanella! I’ve made other versions of this, though it’s not a typical recipe for me. This one sounded great with the addition of olives and cucumber.


My “official” recipes for July were supposed to be the tomato, thyme and goat cheese tart, pasta with raw tomatoes and eggplant parmigiana. Full disclosure – I didn’t end up making the tart. Forgot the puff pastry… and another full disclosure, I probably don’t need any puff pastry, so I didn’t get there. I did, however, make this before, but with mozzarella and basil. totally worth making again.


The pasta with raw tomatoes was quite good. Anything with capers always works for me. It’s very light and flavorful.  I did have a couple of different types of tomatoes from the farm stand, so that added a bit of nice color. The tomatoes are peeled and seeded, straining the seeds to capture the maximum juice, which gets mixed with fresh basil, capers, a bit of garlic and olive oil then tossed with the pasta. You can add some cheese if you like, but I took the suggestion and chose to go without.


Finally, eggplant parmigiana. In this recipe, a simple tomato sauce simmers together, and gets layered with lightly fried eggplant slices and cheese. I decided to veer a bit away from the recipe with the sauce. It seemed like the flavors were intended to be delicate to let the eggplant shine through, but I still couldn’t resist adding some fresh oregano and basil – but I put in whole sprigs instead, that I could pull out after it simmered for a bit, imparting a subtle herby note. I almost always roast my eggplant, but decided to try the frying method in the book. But with my first batch, I started worrying about the oil content – so I combined methods – brushing each slice of eggplant with oil, then letting it cook in the pan until slightly browned and softened. This reduced the amount of oil that was absorbed by the eggplant, and it turned out quite well once I got the hang of it. All of this gets layered with parmesan and buffalo mozzarella and then baked until it’s bubbly and browned on top.


As it turned out, all of the dishes were quite good. Maybe because I made it most recently, I’d say that the eggplant was my favorite. Fava beans… well, that dish was good, but I am guessing that they were not the early fresh beans that were called for. But very fun to try. The zucchini was delicious as well, and quite beautiful. I also liked the pasta, though I’m not sure that all of the straining and steps were worth the effort (who minds a few tomato seeds?), but super light and tasty. I’m not sure when I’ll make the panzanella again, but it was quite delectable as well. This ended up being (not at all surprisingly) a wonderful group of dishes to make – perfectly seasonal, and perfectly delightful.

If you’d like to see what others in the Cottage Cooking Club made this month, you can find their posts here.




14 thoughts on “CCC – Cottage Cooking Club, July Edition

  1. What a great group of dishes! I made the bruschetta and panzanella also – both delicious – but your eggplant looks fantastic! Great tip for reducing the oil in this recipe.

  2. Candy, another month, another wonderful post with tons of great dishes that you prepared! You made so many wonderful things again this month – let´s start with your Aubergine – that looks wonderful with great tips and hints from you. The Panzanella is another dish I did not make, but it certainly sounds like a worthwhile recipe to try and the tomatoes are so abundantly available right now, no reason really not to make this. Your Raw Pasta Sauce with those fun-shaped noodles looks so fresh – I took the liberty of adding more tomatoes, many more – the kids love that sauce. Your Bruschetta looks so delightful – I feel like making more today but will probably not find any more broad beans, it seems as if the broad bean season has come to a screeching halt here. And your Marinated Courgettes and Tomato Tart look fantastic – love combining exactly those two recipes – they go together so well.
    Wonderful – thank you so much for your participation in the Cottage Cooking Club!
    Liebe Grüsse, Andrea

    1. Andrea, this is such a wonderful group, and such a fabulous cookbook! I’m loving it. I hope you are having fun with it too! I’m sure it’s plenty of extra work for you, but I certainly appreciate it, and just think it’s delightful!! You are amazing!

  3. Hi Candy, what a wonderful selection of dishes you tried. I enjoyed your interpretation and opinions. The tomato tart looks terrific and the marinated courgettes were my favorite this month, though I also enjoyed the Panzanella. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So, you just had to go and say how delicious the Eggplant Parmigiana was, didn’t you? No more weeping or complaining from me but the few bites I had tasted of mine was very good. Although I made a French Fridays dish with eggplant, the caviar and the tartine, I’d never made this classic dish. It was hard to pitch it. But since you also think it was a good dish, I will try again. I do think I will add some additional spices. Now I loved the Panzanella but think it needed a little bit of a kick. Next time I will return the anchovies that are in the orginal recipe to the mix. Everything else about the salad, I liked. Everyone is raving about the tart – which I will make for dinner guests on Sunday. I’ve never cooked with fava beans either. Did you peel them? Was it a lengthy process? Nice post. I am impressed that you made so many dishes.

    1. I did. Sorry!
      I like the idea of the additional spices, Mary. I kept it fairly plain, but I always think “well, a little chile would be good”!

      Honestly, I know nothing about fava beans – I’m a total novice. Other fresh beans for shelling, maybe. But it was a fun departure – and I think that’s what’s fun about this. Learning something new. (oh, and, you can’t go wrong with any puff pastry… right?)

  5. Wonderful choices! I want to make the bruschetta at some point. My all-time favorite was the tomato tart. I really enjoyed the zucchini as well. As for the pasta dish, it needed a boost – I did add some cheese that helped, and I did not seed or skin the tomatoes – like you said, who minds a few seeds?

  6. I love the way you adapted your choice of recipes to what was available, good, and on hand. That’s what cookbooks are for, really, inspiring us to make the most of the food we’ve got available to us.

  7. I always crave vegetables when I get home from vacation too. They’re literally one of my favorite things about coming home. I agree, this was a great month of CCC recipes.

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