CtBF – Baba Ganoush

I have to admit, this is such a fun name to say. Seriously! Like the Babalu Club with Ricky Ricardo and Luceeeee! While this recipe is for a dish that hails from a land far away from Cuba, Miami and LA, it is the kind of vegetable-ish dish you could find on the table in … Continue reading CtBF – Baba Ganoush

CCC – Cottage Cooking Club, July Edition

This month in the Cottage Cooking Club, we had another wonderful selection of recipes to make and enjoy, all out of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's lovely cookbook - River Cottage VEG. I committed to three, but then, well, I still had other meals to cook, so I ended up making a few more... I wanted to be … Continue reading CCC – Cottage Cooking Club, July Edition

ffwd – tomato tartlets

This was one of my choices for August because fresh tomatoes would be available at my favorite roadside stand. And a new recipe would be fun to try. Of course, at the time, I wasn't really thinking about my new work assignment, and maybe more importantly, the Olympics. I love sport, and am a big … Continue reading ffwd – tomato tartlets