CCC – the April Recipes

As you can see, this is being posted in May. Really? I couldn't take the time to post on time? With only two recipes completed? Well, things do happen. The last couple of months have been super busy. Mainly with work, but also with family events, so I had to take a delay! Oh well!! In … Continue reading CCC – the April Recipes

ffwd – provençal vegetable soup

As one of our French Fridays recipes for the month of July, the conversation around this has been as much about the weather as anything else. Since I'd already been behind on recipes this month, I felt bad for not completing this one, so I went out and picked up the remaining ingredients I'd need. On … Continue reading ffwd – provençal vegetable soup

ffwd – back-of-the-card cheese and olive bread

This smelled heavenly when I was putting it together. I never quite got my ingredients on track per the original recipe, but it did lead me to look at more of the ideas. At it's heart, this is a quick bread with "additions" - savory ones. I managed to finally round up some comte cheese … Continue reading ffwd – back-of-the-card cheese and olive bread

ffwd – tomato tartlets

This was one of my choices for August because fresh tomatoes would be available at my favorite roadside stand. And a new recipe would be fun to try. Of course, at the time, I wasn't really thinking about my new work assignment, and maybe more importantly, the Olympics. I love sport, and am a big … Continue reading ffwd – tomato tartlets