CCC – the April Recipes

As you can see, this is being posted in May. Really? I couldn’t take the time to post on time? With only two recipes completed? Well, things do happen. The last couple of months have been super busy. Mainly with work, but also with family events, so I had to take a delay! Oh well!!

In April, I was only able to get two dishes completed. I was soooo very excited about making the Upside-down onion tart. But, it didn’t happen. Who knows what came up. I was, however, able to make a recipe that I didn’t actually sign up for. Pasta with new potatoes, green beans and pesto. I made it for my Book Club. We meet (almost) each month to discuss our books and our lives, hosted by the person who chose the latest book. One of my friends had a baby within hours of our previous meeting!! Obviously we knew the event was upcoming, so I decided to choose an electronic version of our book as a test, since with her first child, the only way she could read was on her phone or reader. It seemed a good idea. I also decided that I should choose something relatively easy, since she might be putting it down at a moment’s notice, so it should be something easy to pick up again. We all like mysteries, and I like them set in the UK even better, so I looked online and decided that since this was a “test”, I’d pick something inexpensive – in this instance $0.01. I could certainly afford to completely host it, and if it was bad, well, no harm done. I chose Silent Scream: An Edge of Your Seat Serial Killer Thriller by Angela Marsons.

Well, one of the reasons I don’t read as many mysteries is that so many are about super-creepy serial killers – I didn’t realize I’d picked one! It’s really the only thing that really scares me in life. Yikes! But, I am happy to say that this was a pretty good book! Great value for a penny, and it worked well to gift my friends with an electronic book. So while I had started buying books (or anything) on Amazon because of these same friends, they also got me going on electronic ones as well (this should seem a bit ironic, given who I now work for!!). I will read more of Angela’s books. So simple – I always want a book with me, this way all I really need is my phone.

On to the recipe!! I was running behind for probably a typical reason. This dish was one on our list of possibilities for the month, and since I had home made pesto in the freezer, I decided that this was the one! I also decided that I would actually weigh the ingredients! Something I never do. So I thought I might actually learn something along the way!!100_3980

I realized that I wasn’t actually all that good at guessing at weights! Pasta, potatoes, green beans.


The veggies get prepped, and then added to a large pot of boiling water in succession along with the pasta to produce the perfect degree of doneness of each item.

All of this gets drained well, then tossed with the home made pesto. The recipe in the book calls for lemon in the pesto as well, so I added a good amount of fresh lemon as well, since I thought it would brighten things up. Then the olives were scattered, some additional Parmesan added, then it’s ready to serve!!


Served with a bit of crisp white wine, and some good conversation – it was a nice, filling meal. I’ll have to admit, maybe not quite up to my usual, but was fun – and good for the day. I have no idea – did I serve bread too? Dunno. I’m pretty sure that I did make a lemon icebox pie for dessert that was tasty, and accented the lemon in the luncheon.

This was not the favorite of the recipes I’ve made from Cottage Cooking Club, but it was a good lesson in measuring, as well as a great lesson in combining ingredients you might have on hand for a delicious meal.

The other recipe I made was the Lettuce, egg and fried bread salad. This is another recipe that takes advantage of what’s on hand. I’d planned on making it a different day, but ended up with it as a delicious middle-of-a-workday lunch! IMG_4053

I was able to use some home-made bread for the “fried bread” part – really, just freshly made large croutons. I love any salad with a softly boiled/poached egg. And the dressing was another of the simple ones that come together so quickly with just a bit of Dijon, garlic olive oil and vinegar. Hugh typically calls for cider vinegar, but I usually just use red wine vinegar – but either will do. You just need to ensure you season it with salt and pepper before using, since it needs to be pretty flavorful before it gets to the salad.

I also assembled this in one of my favorite bowls. I made it years and years ago when I spent a few years throwing pots in my free time. Hope to get back to it someday!


This was a fabulous salad! A great use for that last bit of wonderful bread that you hate to waste, but really, is a bit past its prime. And a healthy, filling lunch.

I’m sure that the others in the Cottage Cooking Club made some amazing recipes. You can find their April recipes here. And if you’d like to join us – check out the site and the rules. You can even join as a guest blogger!

6 thoughts on “CCC – the April Recipes

  1. Get back to throwing pottery, Candy. Somehow, find the time. You do lovely work. And, I know it’s a nice relief from work. I am so glad you mentioned the weighing of food in your post. I’ve been thinking about writing an entire post on the importance of weighing ingredients. I’ll credit Dorie and her baking book for getting me into the game. I decided I could be a better baker (lots of room for improvement) if I acutally weighed the ingredients and was more precise. I picked up a simple scales at the thrift shop for $3 or $4 dollars and began using it sometimes. I liked using it and began weighing most things I make. So I upgraded to an Oxo 5 lb. scales, keep it on my counter, and use it regularly. I really think it has improved my cooking. I made the pasta dish and liked it. I think I would like the salad but there are so many recipes of Hugh’s I want to make. Thank you for posting. A month after, no problem.

    1. Thanks my friend! I have been very, very resistant to weighing. I like to cook by feel – including baking! But my brother, the pizza guy, has been a “bit” encouraging! And it works. Especially for international cookbooks! Which I love.

      I am getting closer to being on time for this month – just pulled my latest something from the oven! Hopefully it will be as wonderful as the rest of these recipes. Thank goodness we started, right?

      BTW, I do have a wheel, and even a small kiln. If I could be in Sedona full-time, I would. You are right, it’s so relaxing and rythmic. Same reason I like(d) to quilt. LOTS of things to get back to! haha, at least there’s gardening, and petting puppies!! 🙂

  2. Dear Candy, first up, thank you so much for participating – I know it has been a very busy time for you and I appreciate your participation and your dedication even more. I liked the two recipes you made and how easily they came together. The Pasta was a substantial and delicious dish and the Salad was just wonderful – they both look great the way you presented them. I am quite impressed that you throw pottery, I love that plate and I love pottery. We live about twenty minutes away form a rather famous pottery village and I buy a lot of gifts there. And once a year they organize a festival and let kids try to make some vases or plates etc. Such fun. And, yes, measuring is THE way to go (sorry) – it is indeed much more accurate and I (of course being from where I am) find it easier than cups and spoons.
    Thanks again for your lovely contributions to the The Cottage Cooking Club!
    Hope you had a nice long weekend,

  3. I was admiring the bowl even before I read that you made it – just lovely, and the salad looks so pretty in it. I started weighing all of my ingredients for these recipes when I found a huge discrepancy in the translation to North American measurements in one of the first ones I made. I’m also not very good at estimating so was very happy the weights were included.

  4. I still haven’t posted about the April recipes I made, so you’re way ahead of me! I’m with you on that pasta. It was fine, but not one of my favorites. I also forgot the olives which didn’t help. I much preferred the salad. I especially love the looks of it in the bowl you made. It’s lovely.

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