CtBF Apricot crumble tart

Since Katie can try using her phone for a blog post, why can’t I?

I made this tart what seems like a couple of weeks ago. The apricots from our tree were long gone, but was able to find some at the market. It’s a little late in the year for the southwest.

But I love a tart, and this one seemed like a great idea. Crust, fruit, a crumble topping.

This tart looked beautiful when it came from the oven.

Just like the photos. Was it phenomenal? Not so much. Part of it was really the fruit, or maybe most of it. Each element was yummy. And we tasted it with whipped cream, ice cream and all by itself. Crust and topping were both great.

So, not a true favorite, but a fantastic concept. Maybe it was even better with the apricot kernel ice cream. I’ll look forward to seeing what other bloggers thought about their tarts.

13 thoughts on “CtBF Apricot crumble tart

  1. It’s very hard to believe that you and Katie can actually write your blog posts on your iPhones. Not questioning that you did that, just wondering how it’s even possible. First, most of the time I forget to turn my phone on. (Yes, causes some problems with my friends.) Then if I DO send a post or e-mail on my phone, the damn thing changes words on me automatically and messes up my meaning. It makes me sound like an idiot. (And, yes, I just added $1 to my Swear Jar.) Your crumble looks delicious and the steps you took to make it, very informative. I like to cook to photos. I know you’re having some hot weather in Arizona. My Las Vegas friends are suffering through some very high temperatures. After 8 years of that, I am so thankful for the mountains. Hang in there, Candy.

    1. Mary, if I had a swear jar, it would have to be BIG, and someone would get a lot of money. I blame it on being a construction manager…those boys rub off on me! (Actually, back in the day my superintendents wouldn’t allow people to swear on site when I was there!).

      It’s not so bad in the mountains, so it breaks up the heat. Plus I travel. But you’re right, the heat’s a killer this year. I am hoping to be able to get to CO, and make a detour to see you. I’ll keep you posted!

      Thanks for the props. Hope your weekend is wonderful!!!

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. I can’t even remember to charge my phone or i-pad, never mind typing on them. Your tart looks good and I know how delicious these were. I am looking forward to trying one with other fresh
    fruits now that I have seen a few.

  3. I had to stop at “the apricots on my tree are long gone”…I am so jealous! I would love to have an apricot tree in my yard. I was lucky enough to find some beautiful apricots at the market. This tart was amazingly delicious. I’m thinking of making it again with some cherries. Yours looks gorgeous!

  4. I’ll be using this tart crust and crumble topping with other fruits, for sure. I did enjoy it with the apricots, though. It’s amazing that we can write posts using our phones. The WordPress app is pretty good, isn’t it?

  5. I do so wish this tart had come up earlier in the summer when the southwest is really slamming with apricots. Ah, well. Hey, welcome to the post-on-your-phone club! 🙂 I was sitting around waiting for something or other and realized I should just post on my phone and, well, it wasn’t too bad. It gets the job done!!

    Your tart looks beautiful, Candy! I really think this is just hard to make look bad. What a bummer, though, that it wasn’t so great for you. I don’t know that the ice cream would’ve made it better. Perhaps a different fruit? Or maybe just not for you guys.

    P.S. I need a swear jar, too. Indeed, my former-Navy husband often says that there’s only one of us in the house who talks like a sailor and it’s not him. 🙂

  6. I love a tart too. And I’m with you that it was not phenomenal… I am SO jealous about your tree. You’ll have to make this one next year when the tree produces. And you’ll have enough pits for the ice cream! I’m excited that you might be headed this way sooner rather than later. Can’t wait to meet whenever that is.

  7. I’m pretty wordy…not sure if I could do an entire post on my phone but good for you!
    As for the tart, that’s too bad you weren’t impressed…was it the crust, fruit, or crumble? I had mine with strawberries and rhubarb and it was YUM. Change up the fruit and give it another go!

  8. I am like the others…so jealous you have an apricot tree or even a garden! I live in an apartment! The WordPress app is quite good because I can write a post on my Smartphone as well. Very easy! The tart was a reall winner for us! Maybe try changing the fruit?

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