CtBF -Cherry tomato crostini with herbed goat cheese

Where would we be without friends? I was all set to make another recipe using my cherry tomatoes from the garden, when someone (Katie) mentioned the roasted cherry tomatoes for this week. So, in fairly typical fashion, I did a twofer.

The other recipe (thank you Smitten Kitchen) is for cherry tomatoes roasted with pearl onions – all served over croutons with white beans. I’d made really yummy black beans, so thought I’d substitute.

Ours are roasted alone, but with garlic and fresh herbs. Of course, both preparations rely on good olive oil, salt and pepper. Both are also roasted in a very similar time frame. They go from this…IMG_0922

to this… in about 3/4 of an hour.


They end up with some seriously deliciousness in each pan. That juice really adds to the dish. I thought that it was fun to have the combination of the heirloom yellow pear tomatoes as well as the sweet 100s.

This recipe also includes a home made herb cheese. I didn’t happen to have any goats milk yogurt around (really?), so I picked up a nice, mild, soft goat cheese, and added herbs from the garden. Always a good thing – herbs from the garden! I used thyme and rosemary in this version. IMG_0925

So, the final prep. Toast. Slather herbed goat cheese on one slice. Pile on black beans on the other.IMG_0926

And finally – top with the roasted tomatoes. I also topped the goat cheese ones with thin strips of basil.


This was some serious yumminess! Both dishes were delicious – and I have to admit the CtBF recipe was almost gone by the time we were finished with dinner. It made a really terrific dish for a relaxed evening. The others? They were great too. Seriously, how can you go wrong with fresh garden tomatoes roasted to develop their sweetness. Just a different dish than fresh (also good!).

I think the punchline is that it’s a great go-to dish. I’m kind of sorry I shared my earlier ones when I had too many! OK, not really, but I could happily make a bunch more!!

I have to take down my plants. Between the heat, and probably just running out of gas, my plants are done. It’s a little sad. But it’s also ok, because I can get whatever kind of tomatoes they have at the roadside stand, and that’s a good thing too. There’s still summery goodness to be enjoyed. If you’d like to find out what our other bloggers thought of the dish, you can find links to their posts at cookthebookfridays. We have bloggers from all over north america and around the world cooking together through My Paris Kitchen. It will be fun to see how they fared!



13 thoughts on “CtBF -Cherry tomato crostini with herbed goat cheese

  1. I have given up growing tomatoes! What a brilliant idea with the beans. A keeper recipe this cheese spread is!

  2. I love that you did a twofer – the crostini is brilliant and the Smitten Kitchen dish sounds just as good. Making the most of high season tomatoes is so gratifying. And I like that you were able to improvise for the cheese. It’s the fresh herbs that really take this over the top, whether or not you strain yogurt.

    1. Thanks Teresa! I agree, I always love it when I can use some fresh herbs from the garden! Though I think this would still be good, just maybe not quite so fun. 😊

    1. Thanks!!! These were both delicious as served. The canelleli beans would be good. For that matter humus. Chiles roasted would be good too. You are right, when you start thinking about it… 😊

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  3. Your black bean version sounds pretty darn delicious so thank you for sharing that also. I love suppers “with options”. You are the only other CtBF blogger who embellished store-bought goat cheese. Thank you for not making me stand alone! I just didn’t have the time to get that together. Yeah, your heat is pretty rough, n’est-ce pas? Love these roasted tomatoes and I also added “yellows”.

  4. What a bummer you have to take down your plants, though it always heralds the end of the summer, I suppose. In these parts, the tomatoes are usually just starting to produce and I wait until November when the plants turn black from the cold. 🙂 Alas, it’s, uh, really hot where you live.

    I feel very special, Candy, that I’ve now received a shout-out two times in a row for our CtBF posts. I think. Anyway, I love that you did 2 versions of this and of course they were both fab! That black bean one looks great! Keeper recipes, for sure!

  5. Those both look delicious and right up my alley. I am always looking for quick dinner ideas and that one with beans looks just hearty enough to fit the bill on a weeknight. Thanks for sharing.

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