CtBF -green beans with snail butter

A day behind on this. But such is life. This was the “extra” recipe for the month. Essentially steamed green beans treated in the same way as escargot  – that is with butter and a lot of garlic. Ok, with a bit of parsley and some salt and pepper. 

I knew that it could be a challenging pairing, so I went with chicken roasted with some rosemary and lemon, and a lemon, garlic, honey and soy glaze. A degree or two of separation. 

Don’t let the photos fool you. Pretty much an epic fail. Maybe my beans weren’t that great. Dunno. But when your dining companion can hardly keep the beans down. Not so good! ( there is pie and ice cream – thank goodness!!). 

So, not a fan. And the reaction notwithstanding, I think that a fabulous vegetable doesn’t really need this treatment. Snails/escargot -sure! I’ve had lobster chunks served with this treatment. Fabulous!!! I’m a veggie fan, so this won’t get a nod from me. I’d rather have them prepared a bit more “naked”. Im actually happy with just a bit of grey salt, sand butter! 

I’m sure others have had better experiences. You can find them here

9 thoughts on “CtBF -green beans with snail butter

  1. Maybe it’s the name of the recipe that just leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth before the “finished product” even is served! Just a thought. Now, the beans look fine, delicious, exactly as the recipe was written so no problem with your execution. Some things just don’t work. I do agree with you that a vegetable as simple and elegant as green bean are best served as uncomplicated as possible – butter, salt, pepper and toasted sliced almonds for dash.

    1. Agreed, Mary. Of course southern style slow cooked with bacon and onion is good too (though a rare treat). But I guess I really enjoy pretty simple vegetables. Just as you say!!!

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  2. Your beans look beautiful and a great pairing with the chicken. I was hesitant to make them also, but so glad I did. They were a hit at my home, but we love garlic!!

  3. I normally have liked this recipe, but I think also my green beans weren’t great quality since it’s not the season for them. I see what you mean, though: green beans are my favorite vegetable and I don’t need to drown them.

  4. I loved this one, but I’m generally with you on vegetables – when they’re at their peak, they need very little gussying up.

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