CtBF – Potatoes cooked in duck fat

For me, this is like going backwards, writing first about the last recipe in my duck trilogy completed over the past week. But to get duck fat, without buying it from the store, you have to cook some duck (confit). And then you must use said confit in something (like cassoulet). That has to be made on or near New Years because, well, beans.

I have been so stretched out lately that I haven’t been blogging. Cooking for sure, especially with the holidays. I host Thanksgiving and so there are turkeys, stuffing, pies and all manner of things over what has turned into a 4-day party. Christmas too. Cookies of course, but I also made the main meal (prime rib and Yorkshire pudding this year – yum).

And now, while I will not at all be doing the full month (I have 3 trips planned), I’m trying to do the #cook90 challenge. Wherein you cook 3 meals a day for 30 days. I’ve gotten into some bad habits. When I lived in Scottsdale, I’d have an internal debate on my 15 minute drive home. Starting with “I’m tired, I’ll just pick up something”, and ending with “ok, I can make this, and it will be delicious. My commute is from my desk to the kitchen. Not enough time for the internal debate. So I’m going for my version of the challenge.

Has it been almost a decade that some of us have been cooking together!!! I still go back to AMFT from time to time for different things. And David’s book is good. My challenge with it is my family’s French food fatigue. We have a game we play “if you could only eat one type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Most likely? Mexican food (there’s so much more than gloppy cheese!). But Thai, or if you’re willing to accept a region, Southeast Asian, would work. I suspect there might be an Italian vote or two. But French? Nope. So it makes it a little tricky.

That said. I could serve these potatoes on any day and they would be a huge hit and gone in a flash. The duck fat creates the crispy exterior, that is both savory with just a touch of sweetness. In New Orleans, they serve Brabant potatoes with almost everything. Never made them, it seemed too time intensive, but this method. Absolutely!

OK, let’s get to it. There’s a recipe, but you don’t need one. I used russet potatoes, peeled and cut into about a half-inch dice. They get dropped in boiling salted water until they are just on the edge of tender.

The potatoes get drained really well, and if necessary blotted with paper towel. I used 2 medium-large potatoes, about 1 pound. I probably had close to 2 T of the duck fat. It’s heated in a heavy pan, and then the potatoes are added. They get stirred and turned around in the pan until they have a nice golden crust. I skipped the garlic, but that would be great too.

I served these with an omelet and some fresh spinach. Delicious, simple meal.

I will definitely be making this again. And I’m excited to turn over a new cooking leaf! Looking forward to reading about what others thought about this recipe!

7 thoughts on “CtBF – Potatoes cooked in duck fat

  1. Yum! Interesting to think about favorite cuisine. Before I started cooking with the Doristas, I would have said Italian or Mexican, but I’ve fallen in love with French food. I like that both Dorie and David mix up classics with contemporary spins. All classic might not have the same effect on me.

    Good luck with #cook90 We have some birthdays and other restaurant dates this month so it didn’t work for us in January. Maybe another month this year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Serving these potatoes with an omelet is a fantastic idea. The spinach also. I just used my Duck Fat Potatoes as the entire meal with a small salad on the side. Since I’ve done the confit twice, I have extra duck fat on hand so will do this again next week with the omelet. BTW, I happen to love gooey cheese a-l-o-t- but certainly know what you mean about their being more to Mexican food than just cheese. In February I am traveling to San Miguel for 5 weeks so should get a good taste for the real deal. Good for you for joining up with the #cook90. Andrea (The Kitchen Lioness) is doing it again this year. She did it last year. I do cook most of my meals myself and eat out very little but some of my meals aren’t very well-rounded. Like, popcorn (hold the butter)! Happy New Year, Candy. I’m one of those old-timers who has been cooking with you for ten years.

  3. These look phenomenal! I burned mine slightly but yours look perfectly browned. Didn’t think to try these as a breakfast side, but will definitely do so next time.

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