CtBF – Potatoes cooked in duck fat

For me, this is like going backwards, writing first about the last recipe in my duck trilogy completed over the past week. But to get duck fat, without buying it from the store, you have to cook some duck (confit). And then you must use said confit in something (like cassoulet). That has to be … Continue reading CtBF – Potatoes cooked in duck fat

CtBF – Potato, feta and basil tortilla

Not something I make often, but I did enjoy the versions I made with French Friday's. I wasn't sure about the basil. Well, and not the feta. I'll admit I did look back at the other recipe, you know, "just in case". Easy enough! Potatoes diced. Cooked to barely tender in some good olive oil, … Continue reading CtBF – Potato, feta and basil tortilla

CCC – chestnut & sage soup, twice-baked potatoes – the November recipes

At this time of year, things seem to get very busy. I've been working a lot, some of it on a new project out of the country, so between that and hosting Thanksgiving (weekend!), I have missed out on a few recipes. That said, I did get to a couple, and I'm happy I did. At first … Continue reading CCC – chestnut & sage soup, twice-baked potatoes – the November recipes

ffwd – salty-sweet potato far

I don't actually know what to say about this recipe. Pretty easy list of ingredients. This part looks pretty good. And then there's: Oh wait, where did that photo come from....? Oh yeah, that's Christmas dinner a few years ago. We're having those stuffed green chiles and cornbread dressing this Thanksgiving too. But I digress … Continue reading ffwd – salty-sweet potato far

ffwd – go-with-everything celery root puree

Maybe I should change my approach to this project. I think there are many others in the French Fridays with Dorie group that make their recipes well in advance, then post them - all ready to go, in anticipation of their Friday appointment. I don't generally do that. Well, I've been known to, then to … Continue reading ffwd – go-with-everything celery root puree