CtBF – Potato, feta and basil tortilla

Not something I make often, but I did enjoy the versions I made with French Friday’s. I wasn’t sure about the basil. Well, and not the feta. I’ll admit I did look back at the other recipe, you know, “just in case”.

Easy enough! Potatoes diced. Cooked to barely tender in some good olive oil, and then the green onions added.

I used 8 eggs because they were very large, and my potato was just under a pound. These get whisked with the pimente de esplette, salt, and the chopped basil. Isn’t this so pretty out of the garden? Surprisingly the only basil still here are the purple varieties. Gardening?

The egg mixture gets poured over the top, and then gets topped with some feta crumbles. Cooked fairly gently on the stove for about 20 minutes to create a bottom crust and so that the tortilla is almost set.

Popped into the oven for about 5 minutes at a high temp or under the broiler to just get the top set. Once out of the oven, it gets flipped over (or alternatively slide out of the pan).

This can be served hot, warm, room temperature or cold. Though my preference is warm or room temperature. As part of a tapas spread, or with a glass of crisp rosé.

I’d forgotten how good this is. And makes for lovely leftovers as well.

You can find out what other cooks thought about the recipe here.

9 thoughts on “CtBF – Potato, feta and basil tortilla

  1. First, I am glad yours looks as dark as mine. Secondly. I always parboil my potatoes so they are not so crisp and dry. Other than that, this is the typical Italian version of potatoes and eggs which is a staple on the East Coast New York area. A little bit of basil never hurt anything and the flavor is fantastic.

    1. Thanks, Nana!! I agree, I was pleased with the flavors. I was happy to be reminded of this one! And kind of nice that it’s economical too!! So many ways to adapt this.

      I’ve been thinking of you! Big hugs!!

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  2. I knew I had forgotten something, the spice pimente de esplette! My copy of MPK seems to have walked away from the usual places I leave it (but have not checked under the sofa). And I did not flip the omelet onto the plate all the three times I made, they slide out of the pan easily.

  3. Your tortilla looks magnificent! I chuckled at the first photo of ingredients. Do you get an employee discount at Whole Foods now? I enjoyed this (though the basil was a tad overwhelming). I love that you used garden basil too. I love the look of the purple varieties.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t! But I don’t mind a lower price on something I would normally buy!!

      Thanks. It was fun to be reminded of something I’d liked before. 😊

      Hope you are enjoying your early-fall weekend!

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  4. Am I the only CtBFs participant who doesn’t have pimente de esplette in house. I don’t think I have ever owned it. I used smoked paprika but I need to get “on it” and add it to my spice pantry, I guess. Like you, this was good and I enjoyed eating every bit of it over a period of three days. I remember liking Dorie’s but I didn’t have as good a result as I had with David’s. Of course that may be because I am a more seasoned cook than I was in my FFWD days. Would like to go back and re-make some of those recipes. The problem is that I can only eat and give away so much food. I am hoping you had a good albeit hot summer. Nice photos and your tortilla looks delicious.

  5. Gorgeous–the basil and the tortilla! And I completely agree with the lukewarm and a glass of rosé alongside serving suggestion. I had to restrain myself NOT to look at Dorie’s version, though it was very tempting to do so. I was trying to have an unsullied experience since I don’t remember much about Dorie’s technique other than that I liked the final product. I don’t think she had us flipping it out of a hot pan, though. HA! Great to “see” you here, Candy!

  6. My cast iron pan is a little small, so I made an oven version of this, but it turned out nearly as well. I really enjoyed this. Perfect with end-of-summer salad.

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