CCC – chestnut & sage soup, twice-baked potatoes – the November recipes

At this time of year, things seem to get very busy. I’ve been working a lot, some of it on a new project out of the country, so between that and hosting Thanksgiving (weekend!), I have missed out on a few recipes. That said, I did get to a couple, and I’m happy I did.

At first blush, the chestnut and sage soup  was a little too reminiscent of a number of beige-looking soups I’ve made over the past couple of years. But I was determined to try it because every time I use chestnuts in soup, I love the result. And in this version – there’s sage. And I think that nothing says fall like sage. Interestingly, some of it gets crisped up in a bit of olive or other oil.


The soup is simple enough, vegetable broth and a few other things, along with some cooked chestnuts. I was able to find them prepared, so it turned into a quick soup. I used the immersion blender, but if I had more time I think it would turn out better (that is, much smoother) if I used a regular blender. I also added a dollop of cream and a drizzle of the sage oil along with the sage leaves. I wished I’d made more!


It may not be much to look at, but this was a wonderful soup. And I totally loved the crisped sage leaves. I need to make them again, and find different ways to use them. So very good.

The other recipe I completed this month was for twice-baked potatoes. To be honest, I did make them to serve alongside something not-vegetarian-at-all, but these would make a delicious meal on their own, or with some shredded and sauteed squash (as I did here). They are simplicity itself. A baked potato, with the flesh scooped out, and combined with green onions, butter and sour cream, placed back in their shells and topped with some cheese. Then baked to heat through.


I ended up using a fairly “pedestrian” cheese, but it was lovely combined with the soothing potatoes. Individual servings of anything are always fun, and these do make for a nice presentation, though of course, some truly flavorful cheeses would be great, or even some different seasonings. But these were delicious as they were.


You can find all of the Cottage Cooking Club results here. I’m sure that there are some wonderful dishes I missed, and I can’t wait to read through all of the results!

5 thoughts on “CCC – chestnut & sage soup, twice-baked potatoes – the November recipes

  1. Hi Candy, happy you were able to even complete two among the recipes this month, and photograph them too, between your hectic schedule throughout the month! I must give the chestnut and sage soup a try as it seems to be a hit among everyone in the group who tried it. Best Wishes in the holiday season and see you next month cooking along with CCC.

  2. I loved the chestnut soup. You’re right, it’s not much to look at, but the taste makes up for it. I would like to try the twice-baked potatoes, probably along side some non-vegetarian main. I hope your Thanksgiving was a success!

  3. I love baked potatoes – twice-baked or otherwise. Such a comforting meal. I enjoyed the soup, though next time, I will use the packaged precooked chestnuts! Your photo of the soup is pretty. I’m with you, I love sage! I use them on crostini, and they are wonderful with butternut squash ravioli with browned butter! Mmm…

  4. The chestnut and sage soup is one of the best things I’ve made all year. I only made a half recipe and am sorry for it. Luckily, it’s so quick to make, I won’t wait long to have it again. I laughed when you admitted that you served the potatoes with a non-vegetarian main. I might have done so myself. I was very intrigued by all this month’s potato recipes, but didn’t make any of them. I’m going to have to rectify that.

  5. I love reading about the recipes I didn’t make and you’ve made 2 of them. I’m definitely giving that soup a try for the make-up post and beige or not, I think it looks great with the crispy sage garnish. The twice baked potato with the squash also looks delicious – real comfort food.

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