beatrix’s red kuri soup (an around my french table recipe)


Red kuri soup. Red curry soup?… actually, both sound delicious. I love, love squash soups. I have a couple that I often make during the fall and holidays, so I was excited to see one in Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook around my french table. But when I read the recipe, I was a bit disconcerted – I’d never heard of or seen a red kuri squash. It sounded great – no peeling? really? Unfortunately no picture of the squash in question either.

Fast forward a year (!), and when I was in one of our local markets – there it was! a sign for red kuri squash! But… none to be found in the bin. There’s a Whole Foods in my neighborhood, so I thought that since the squash is actually available in the US (at Bashas no less!), it’s probably there. On my trip in, I did find the…

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